By Dan Limmer

1) Low-Risk Syncope – Pearls and Pitfalls

I’ll admit that I prefer medical calls over trauma—and that syncope might just be my favorite—so this article stands out to me. I believe it helps EMS providers understand syncope and is a great example of how thinking and medicine intersect. Almost 50% of syncope patients don’t leave the hospital with a diagnosis. What do we do in that case? Understand the basic pathophysiologies that surround syncope, be aware of how risk factors play in decision-making and perform a good assessment. Many of these physician sites have concepts that don’t apply to EMS but that doesn’t mean they aren’t interesting and informative.

2) Medic Mindset: Episode 18 The Zone.  The Antevy Zone

I am a big Peter Antevy fan. I am a fan of Dr. Antevy as a physician, an entrepreneur and a thinker. It is certainly a benefit of this podcast that it is on Ginger Locke’s Medic Mindset podcast. It is from April but easily makes my first list of things to read and listen to.

3) REBEL Cast Ep58 – Would you be SHoC-ED if POCUS did not Improve Clinical Outcomes in Patients with Undifferentiated Shock?

This catchy line drew me to do more than skim this post: “Unfortunately, the plural of anecdote is not data.” This is a hospital-based paper but it is good to see something other than POCUS mantra overload. There is a place for ultrasound. This conversation is a great start to finding that place.

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