Limmer Education and our products were recently cited in a list of 5 Resources For People Getting Back into EMS by Bob Sullivan at the EMS Patient Perspective blog. When you love what you do and are proud of your product, it is fabulous to get recognized for it.  It is icing on the cake when you end up in a list with names like Jamie DavisRob Theriault, the Khan Academy and Kyle David Bates.

Bob’s blog is insightful and worth checking out. His posts examine EMS with a fresh and knowledgable viewpoint. In his own words he wants “to look past the way we’ve always done things and find ways to do them better.” This is what we need more of in EMS to push the profession forward in the direction it needs to go.  Just read this blog post  if you are not sure what we mean.


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  • Bob Sullivan says:

    Thank you for the kind words about my blog. Your product was the first that came to mind because of its comprehensive content, ease of use, and at a price less than most books.

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