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by Dan Limmer

A student recently emailed me this question:

Mr. Limmer,

I couldn’t make the review class you held last night because I had to work. I’m taking my NREMT exam tomorrow at 9:00 am. Do you have any suggestions for prepping for the exam?

What should students do in the last 24 hours before the exam? I don’t believe a 12-hour cram session is particularly effective, and it may even increase anxiety.

This is my response to that student:

You have 24 hours. My advice is to do some studying but don’t get crazy.

If you have time to study today, study for about 20 minutes out of each hour. Long days of cramming aren’t successful and may increase your anxiety before the exam.

I’d focus on the following high-yield things today, in short intervals:

– CPR guidelines for adults, children and infants

– Pathophysiology review

– OB/GYN review, including neonatal resuscitation and childbirth complications

– Rule of 9s and GCS (you probably will see one of these, if not both)


– Take one good practice exam, then study anything you weren’t sure of on the exam.

– Study anything else you have time for in airway/assessment/medical and trauma.


Just do the best you can with your studying.

Again, big cram sessions aren’t as successful as you might think. You already know most of what you will know tomorrow, so top off your knowledge, get a good night’s sleep and go into the exam fresh and with a clear head.

I hope this helps. Best to you on the exam.


Do you agree with this advice? What did you or your students do in the last hours to prepare for the NREMT?


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