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Introducing the Newest (and Best) Way to Get CE

White text on blue: "7 Things EMS. Listen. Learn. Get CE."

Is your attention span challenged by boredom and fueled by small bites? Would you like to put in your headphones and get relevant, conversational continuing education without the fluff and silliness? Then the 7 Things EMS podcast is for you. Our newest product delivers continuing education broken down into 7 Things you need to know for each topic.

7 Things EMS provides up-to-date and relevant continuing education in a conversational podcast format. Your host, Dan Limmer, gets down to business with industry leaders and experts to give you what you need in a fast-paced, 7 things format to match any attention span.

Listen. Learn. Get CE. It’s that easy!

The First Podcast Created Exclusively for CE

The whole Limmer team is genuinely excited to bring this podcast to you. Each episode focuses on a different facet of EMS, giving you what you need to succeed in a conversational, informational, hype-free format.

Each podcast episode streams directly from LC-Ready.com and qualifies for one hour of F3 CE.

↪️ Don’t need CE? You can also listen for free on Spotify, Pandora, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts.

How do you get CE from a podcast?

  1. Purchase one (or more!) of our amazing episodes from LC-Ready.
  2. Listen to the 45 minute audio and take a 10-question test about what you just listened to.
  3. Make sure your LC-Ready profile is filled out with your State and/or NREMT number. Your certificate will appear on the CE Certificate tab in your account.

screenshot of LC-Ready account with EMS CE certificate tab open

Who’s going to love this podcast?

  • Total EMS nerds
  • Any EMS provider looking for CE
  • Curious healthcare providers from other disciplines
  • Educators looking for material to spice up class conversations
  • Podcast junkies with even a passing interest in medicine

How much does each CE podcast cost?

Each episode of 7 Things EMS is… $7.00.

7 Things EMS Episode List

We’re still recording new episodes and have plenty more on the way. But these are available right now on LC-Ready. They’re also on your favorite podcast app if you don’t need the CE cert.

Look for at least one new episode every month! We update this list regularly as new episodes are added.

White Text light blue background: "7 Things EMS: Resuscitation"Resuscitation with Bobby Wales
Let’s talk about the science and highlights of AHA resuscitation guidelines. We went straight to the source: Bobby Wales is the Director of Education for the American Heart Association.

White Text dark blue background: "7 Things EMS: Simulation"Simulation with Richard Low II
How do you tune up or start up your use of simulation in the classroom? Our own Richard Low has 7 Things to help any EMS educator.

White Text dark blue background: "7 Things EMS: Death and Dying"Death and Dying with Alex Jabr
Things you need to know about calls involving death – what and when to say something, death notifications, and the resilience to return another day.

White Text light blue background: "7 Things EMS: EMS Education"EMS Education with Dan Batsie
Would you like to take your class to the next level? Dan Batsie takes us through new theories and classroom practices guaranteed to change your approach as an educator.

White Text light blue background: "7 Things EMS: Street Medicine"Street Medicine with Dr. Mike Lauria
You can learn a lot from someone who’s an emergency physician with a background as a paramedic, flight paramedic, and an elite special forces Pararescueman in the Air Force.

The NREMT with Dr. Kevin Mackey and Bill SeifarthWhite Text light blue background: "7 Things EMS: The NREMT"
Only available through August 17, 2022. You’ve heard of the NREMT, right? Join NREMT Executive Director Bill Seifarth and Board Chair Kevin Mackey as they state facts, dispel myths, and discuss controversial Resolution 22-13. 

Toxicology with Dr. Tony TomassoniWhite Text light blue background: "7 Things EMS: Toxicology"
Wish a brilliant toxicologist could explain things in a way you could understand and use in your practice? Wish no longer. Yale physician and toxicologist (and longtime friend of EMS) Tony Tomassoni shares his 7 Things.

Renal Emergencies with Dr. Bill YoungWhite Text light blue background: "7 Things EMS: Renal Emergencies"
For this episode, we found a brilliant and compassionate person who is also a two-time kidney transplant recipient. Bill Young combines an insider’s perspective with a detailed clinical mind to share 7 Things you really need to know about renal emergencies.

White Text light blue background: "7 Things EMS: Medical-Legal"Medical-Legal with Wes Ogilvie
The Medical-Legal chapter in the textbook is important, but most people speed through it to get to the juicy clinical material. Medical-Legal is very relevant to your practice—as you will find out in this legally insightful podcast with paramedic and attorney Wes Ogilvie.

7 Things Your Medical Director Wants You to KnowWhite Text light blue background: "7 Things EMS: The Medical Director"
Is the EMS physician an elusive creature only occasionally seen by EMS providers? Or is the EMS physician a tireless advocate and constant presence in a provider’s life? Dr. Will Krost, an emergency physician and paramedic, takes some of the mystery out of the physician-provider relationship.

Continuing Education with Jay ScottWhite Text light blue background: "7 Things EMS: Continuing Education"
This continuing education podcast looks in the mirror to talk about…continuing education. There is no one better to have this conversation with than Jay Scott, Executive Director of CAPCE. We talk about the intent of CAPCE, how CE is delivered and reported, and some fascinating insights into the future of EMS CE. And you get CE!

EMS Well-Being with James BoomhowerWhite Text light blue background: "7 Things EMS: Wellbeing"
Well-being is widely misunderstood and often not considered until it is too late. So we talked to an EMS provider who has been there and done something about it. James Boomhower of Stay Fit 4 Duty discusses real and practical components of well-being that are surprisingly easy and intuitive.

White Text dark blue background: "7 Things EMS: Pathophysiology-Based Assessment"Pathophysiology-Based Assessment with Joe Mistovich
Double Episode! Do not miss this 7 Things with paramedic, educator, author, and pathophysiology geek Joe Mistovich. He explains the presentation of common conditions like hypoxia, hypoglycemia, and more through the lens of pathophysiology. If a provider applies pathophysiology principles to assessment, it makes accurate diagnosis much easier.

EMS Leadership with Jon PolitisDark blue text on pale blue background: "7 Things EMS: Leadership"
Transitioning from a provider to a leadership role isn’t easy. This 7 Things podcast helps smooth the transition for new leaders and helps existing leaders stay on course. EMS leadership expert Jon Politis presents 7 practical tips you can begin to use today. Be the leader your organization or crew respects and looks up to.

7 Things Research Tells Us About EMS Practice, with EMS Avenger
Research is constantly changing EMS practice. It’s difficult to keep up with everything happening and even more challenging to interpret these voluminous papers. This is where popular social media figure EMS Avenger comes in. Each of his 7 Things relates to a piece of literature that has the potential to change everything from current thinking to practice to protocols.

white text on blue background: "7 Things EMS: Flipping the Classroom"Flipping the Classroom with Chuck Allias
Dan talks with Chuck Allias from Penn State Fayette about his experiences and insights from implanting a flipped format. Chuck includes practical tips on teaching and testing and even finds a way to bring Ted Lasso into the conversation.

7 Things AEMT Accreditation with Dr. George Hatch
A recent survey by CoAEMSP found that 2/3 of AEMT Program Directors are enthusiastic about voluntary accreditation. Dan talks with CoAEMSP Executive Director Dr. George Hatch and provides more information on AEMT voluntary accreditation.

White Text dark blue background: "7 Things EMS: Clinical Outsiders CE"Clinical Outsiders with Chris Ebright
Unlock the rare and critical as Chris and Dan delve into uncommon patient presentations every EMS professional should know. From congenital heart defects and autism to autoimmune disease and hematology, this conversation will 100% enhance your clinical practice.

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