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What’s in a good off-duty bag?

Have an EMS professional to shop for this holiday season? We’ve got you covered!

On- or off-duty, EMS professionals need to be equipped and ready to operate in any environment. Whether if you are gifting for an EMT veteran or someone new to EMS, there’s a variety of options to fill their bag! That’s why we’ve put together a list of our favorite must-haves for a good off-duty bag.

Pre-made Kits!

IFAK Packs

IFAK packs are prepared medic kits that come equipped with high-performance life-saving supplies. If this route is taken, make sure to double check the components. The bag could look good on the outside, but lack the needed tools to help during an emergency on the inside. Check out these sites for great IFAK packs!

My Medic & Adventure Medical Kits

Build A Kit!

The Container

There is a lot of variety when it comes to containers. They can range from a small backpack, to a tactical molle pouch or even a waterproof plastic container. When determining size, it is good to keep in mind where the kit may be stored.

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Stethoscopes are the cool around the neck favorite for gifts.
From your basic scope to the high-end cardiology scope you can’t go wrong.

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Electric Stethoscope

High tech? (Or hard of hearing from all the sirens…?)
There are some electronic scopes that will knock your…ears off!

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Cut the Yuk!

Nothing says holiday like a gift that keeps body fluids off the recipient. A pocket mask or stylin’ eye protection is the gift that keeps on protecting!

Pocket Mask

Prevent any cross contamination and eliminate blowback!

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Protective Eye-Wear

Protect the eyes from any direct threats!

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Durable gloves always come in handy!

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For the technical days…

The most appreciated tools in their bag. Let your EMS professional be prepared for any situation they encounter.

Chest Seal Occlusive

Made for sealing open chest wounds using advanced adhesive technology.

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Medical Tourniquet

This is a life-saving tool! Tourniquet’s are one of the last lines of defense for uncontrollable bleeding.

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Trauma Shears

Medical grade Trauma Shears that make the cut!

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Sometimes the simplest gift is the best…does anyone have a bandaid?

Compression Bandage

Specially designed bandages for pre-hospital emergency situations.

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Clotting Gauze

Gauze that helps stop external bleeding before arriving to the hospital.

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4×4 Gauze Pads

Gauze Pads that are made for High Absorbency.

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Nothing says cool better than tactical stuff. Tactical clothing—and things to adorn tactical clothing give the gift of cool!

Tactical Flashlight

Never be in the dark with a rechargeable bright flashlight!

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Tactical Triage Rescue Folding Knife

This dynamic triple utility tool includes a knife, safety hook and glass breaker.

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Tactical Pants for Women

Look the part and be comfortable while doing it!

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Tactical Pants for Men

Gear up for any type of situation.

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For the future EMS/Paramedics currently studying…

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