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In 2019, we announced the beginning of a new project for Limmer Education- EMT Adventure –scheduled to launch in the Fall of 2020. Over the past two years, we believed that we were ready to release the beta version, only to discover that the software was not ready for outside eyes. As of January 10, 2023, we are announcing that we have decided to shut down the development of the EMT Adventure product due to costs to bring the product to market and insufficient funding.   

This clinical gaming solution was an exciting departure from our development of test prep for the cognitive part of the NREMT. It would have been a complimentary product for students preparing for the NREMT practical. Through discussions with focus groups, potential partners, and game developers, we scoped out a product that would be a welcome addition to the market. From the minute we announced EMT Adventure, the market embraced the concept and shared their excitement for being part of the testing and launching of the product.  

Just as we started development, the COVID pandemic hit, and development operations took a massive hit. Our animators were poached by ABC, ESPN, Disney, and other network companies shifting to animation to solve their problems of having actors, announcers, and staff together. Developers got COVID and were out for weeks, and development faltered. We spent the next 18 months in fits and starts of development and review. After attempts to re-energize and engage the development team, we attempted to find a new company to take over the development. Having multiple companies review the documentation, code, and concept, we signed on with an international team to do a month of discovery work and propose a plan. Unfortunately, after two years of time and spotty development, they determined that nearly a year of work was required to get the product ready for a proper beta version. The costs would be roughly triple the original investment.  

While we love our clinical gaming concept and were excited to bring EMT Adventure to our customers and EMS family, we have made the very tough decision that, as a small company, we are unable to move forward and are discontinuing development. Limmer Education will return all our time, money, and resources to our core business of EMS education, high-quality test prep, and valuable tools for educators to use in the classroom. We look forward to announcing some exciting new improvements, products, and partnerships in the next few months.  

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your enthusiasm and support for Limmer Education.  We will continue to strive to earn that support and loyalty.  

Stephanie Limmer
Owner and Chief Business Officer

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