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We intentionally used that title. Perhaps it got your attention. We based it on something Dan says frequently to students in our live NREMT study sessions:

There are two ways to get the question right. One is to know the answer. The other is to know that three of the choices aren’t the right answer.

They’ll get the question right either way.

NREMT Practice Handout for Classroom Use

As the fall exam season quickly comes upon us, we wanted to provide a great exercise for your students as you prepare them for the NREMT. It helps them read the question and not only determine the correct answer but the incorrect choices—and identify why those choices are incorrect.

We know that the NREMT questions are written to give only the information needed to answer the questions—and not much more. This means that every bit of information is important. The problem is that students don’t always read the questions as carefully as they should—especially with the nervousness they experience sitting in front of the computer at the testing center.

Dan chose five of his favorite exam practice questions and created a class exercise that directs your students to identify the important information in the question. We believe this thinking pattern will help them on the NREMT—and you can help them get there more confidently. The download includes an annotated instructor version to help you facilitate and guide your students through the process.

Download the Instructor Version

For more exam prep resources to use in your classroom, check out the NREMT prep section of our EMS class planning guide.

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