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Did you miss the live review session? Here are some other resources we recommend:

  1. 2 Hour NREMT Review Streaming Video
    In our NEW 2 hour NREMT Video Review, learn how to analyze NREMT test questions. This video walks you through nine practice NREMT questions (including samples of TEIs) and teaches you how to approach challenging questions for the best chance of success. Stream from LC-Ready.com.
  2. NREMT Practice Questions on YouTube
    We have a whole YouTube playlist of good practice questions for the NREMT. Keep in mind, these questions are meant to challenge your critical thinking ability as it applies to the NREMT question style.


Check back in the spring for our next NREMT Review!

About the NREMT Review

The review is led by Dan Limmer. If you’re not familiar with Dan, he’s a nationally recognized EMS speaker and educator, and the the author of the Emergency Care textbook (the yellow one). He’s spent over 35 years in EMS, and recently passed the paramedic National Registry at 80 questions.

Who should attend? 

  • EMT, AEMT and paramedic students: We’ll have practice NREMT questions for all groups, and our test-taking strategies will help students at any level.
  • Whole classes: Educators may stream the review session live during class.

Whether you haven’t started thinking about NREMT prep or you’ve been diligently studying for months, the material will be useful. The practice scenarios we’ll discuss are in-depth and clinically focused, so you’ll learn things you can apply to your everyday practice as well as your NREMT attempt.

Tips for NREMT Prep

1. Make Sure You Have a Good Knowledge Base

If all you do is memorize facts, you won’t pass the NREMT. But facts are the foundation for all exam questions, so you do need to make sure your knowledge is sharp. The test covers five areas. You will need an in-depth understanding of each:

  • Airway, respiration and ventilation
  • Trauma
  • Cardiology and resuscitation
  • Medical emergencies, including OB
  • EMS operations

You also need to know medical terminology. Ideally, you developed a good EMS knowledge base during class. If that’s the case, you can focus your time on NREMT prep (below).

If you struggled with your grades throughout class or if your knowledge is rusty from being out of class for a while, that’s OK. Go back to your textbook and complete the exercises at the end of each chapter. Write down concepts you don’t understand or keep getting wrong when doing the textbook exercises. If you can, go to your instructor or a trusted preceptor for help. You may also find audio lectures useful. These lectures break down important EMT and AEMT lessons into easy-to-understand conversations.

2. Practice Applying Your Knowledge

As mentioned above, the NREMT is not a memorization exam. While you may get some questions that test your ability to regurgitate facts, the majority of the exam tests your ability to apply what you know to different scenarios. Critical thinking bridges the gap between knowing the facts and giving effective patient care. Your success on the NREMT and on the street depends on it. Unfortunately, critical thinking isn’t taught in every classroom. The best way to practice it is to consistently use high-quality NREMT test prep. Your test prep should be as challenging as the NREMT.

During the review, we’ll look at practice NREMT questions that challenge critical thinking ability, and talk about how to evaluate questions with complex scenarios.

3. Learn How to Read an NREMT Question

The NREMT requires a certain amount of “reading between the lines” – which isn’t as impossible as it sounds. You just have to know how to pick out little pieces of information that are important but not explicitly stated in the question stem.

Reading carefully and not rushing go a long way in helping you identify clues in NREMT questions! Consistent practice with NREMT-style questions will also help train your brain in what to look for.

In this study session, we’ll show you how to find and interpret clues in NREMT question stems. We’ll also go over test-taking tips that can help you select the best answer even when you don’t actually know the answer!


Remember: The time to start studying is always now. If you’d like to learn how to pass the NREMT written exam, mark your calendar and join the review session on December 1, 2021.

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