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Help to get your classes moved online during the COVID19 Pandemic

The changes caused by the COVID-19 virus pandemic have been sudden and wide-ranging. We recognize that you may be called to suddenly turn a brick and mortar class into an online EMS class with almost no notice.

Limmer Education understands the pressure you are under to move your programs online and provide your EMT students with quality learning content. We have created a series of free resources and reduced prices by 50% on audio lecture products that can help you meet the demands of your students and institution in this unusual situation.  All of our available resources are organized in a content resource guide to help you find and deploy relevant content effortlessly.

New Discussion Board Material and Exercises

We created an extensive document containing discussion board questions. The questions focus on medical and trauma—the place where most EMT classes were teaching when in-person classes were canceled. You can use these immediately to get up and running with online content.

Update: We’ve since expanded the content resource guide to cover the entire EMT curriculum. The teaching materials are organized by topic so can easily access them when you need them. Here’s the complete curriculum guide.

We believe pathophysiology is vital for students. We also created a series of pathophysiology discussion board questions (which may also be used as an assignment) to help bridge information you have already delivered with the medical and traumatic conditions you will be teaching about online.

Both of these resources can be found in the content resource guide.

Free Dynamic Learning Exercises

Our Dynamic Learning Exercises provide anything from discussion board fodder to exercises that can be done at home or in online groups. Covering many of the topics in the EMT curriculum as well as activities for ALS programs, these dynamic learning exercises can provide critical content for you—and they’re immediately available.

When this pandemic is over, we recommend using these exercises in your flipped, hybrid, or dynamic classrooms every day.

Access these exercises through the educator portal in our EMTReview.com site. Create a FREE instructor account here and then go to “Dynamic Exercises” in the navigation panel on the left side of the screen.

Audio Resources

We have two audio lecture series (EMT and AEMT) as well as a pathophysiology audio series for EMTs and AEMTs. We believe these could help your students get the equivalent of an insightful lecture or a solid review to supplement your online coursework.  We have posted ideas for using the audio lectures in the classroom.

Some of these audios are also offered by Pearson/Brady. You may order these products through Pearson or LC-Ready.com.


We strongly recommend our FOAMFinder.com product (free) to help find relevant and insightful online (#FOAMed) content for paramedic classes. Use this to search your class topic (e.g., respiratory or head injury) or more specific content (e.g., hyperkalemia or TXA). Videos on how to use FOAMFinder.com can be found at http://bit.ly/FOAMFinderDemo

Textbook Resources

In addition to the existing online resources offered by your publisher, consider using your textbook as fodder for assignments or discussion board questions. For example, in Limmer’s Emergency Care EMT textbook, the Critical Decision-Making feature (13th edition) offers some solid clinical content for discussions or assignments (answers are in the back of the book). If you have the instructor’s preview version of the 14th edition, the expanded Think Like an EMT feature (not currently available to students) provides additional content for your online coursework.

Depending on the length of this disruption, we will add additional material as necessary.  If we can answer questions or be of further assistance, please get in touch!

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  • Rob Sharkey says:

    Thank you for providing these services. I am having an issue when I try to log in to EMT review. I get a screen that says “Access denied- Sucuri website firewall”. I have tried this on 2 different computers. I appreciate any help with this matter.
    Thank you

  • Tina Maloy says:

    Thank you for all your help and expertise.

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