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UPDATED FOR 2024! You want free NREMT prep? We have free NREMT prep for you.

The study guides, videos, apps, articles and free NREMT questions here will collectively give you a good review for the exam. Of course, your success depends on how well you know the material and how much experience you have applying your knowledge to scenarios.
For more in-depth reviews and test prep, check out our best-selling NREMT prep.

NREMT Exam Cram Study Guide

three-page NREMT study guide for EMT studentsTried and true, this guide highlights must-know items and helps you apply your knowledge to emergency situations.

Updated in 2023, it includes:

  • A checklist of application-based areas for EMT students to study.
  • Basic principles of pathophysiology.
  • CPR facts.
  • Study tips for the NREMT.
  • Med term reminders.
  • Skeletal anatomy.
  • And more!
Go to Exam Cram pdf

small image showing a paper handout, header says "25 Things You Need to Know Before Taking the NREMT"25 Things to Know Before Taking the NREMT

This study guide came from a live NREMT prep course we did in 2023, but it’s so good, we’re sharing it here too. It gives you essential study points for each topic on the exam, and includes ALS tips.

Download the Handout

4 Steps to Evaluating NREMT Questions

If you’re going to take the NREMT, you have to know how to read and evaluate an NREMT-style question. Depending on what your class exams were like, the NREMT question structure might be totally new to you. Check out the 4-step process you should apply to exam scenarios.

Download the 4-step Chart

thumbnail preview of 25 NREMT practice questions pdf25 Free NREMT Practice Questions

Yep, it’s exactly as good as it sounds. Test your readiness for the NREMT with a bunch of really good, really free practice questions. Answer key included on the last page, of course.

Download the pdf

5 YouTube Videos That Will Change How You Think About the NREMT

text says "videos to get you ready for the NREMT" with film strip depicting YouTUbe logo and five screenshots of NREMT prep videos
1.  2 Types of NREMT Questions
The National Registry doesn’t put unnecessary information into exam questions, so pay attention when you see a long NREMT question.

2.  Clues in NREMT Questions (Patient Matching Exercise)
Train yourself to recognize clues within NREMT question stems.

3.  EMT Review Office Hours: Difficulty Breathing
Just some good old fashioned practice questions: Three different patients, three different breathing emergencies.

4.  Upper vs. Lower Airway Sounds on NREMT Questions
A good exercise and review for airway questions on the National Registry.

5.  Vital Sign Trends (5-part Series)
Pathophysiology is a big part of the NREMT. How well do you understand pathophysiology? This short series looks at the ways the body compensates for shock, how that affects vital signs, what happens when the body can no longer compensate for shock, and how to use all this information with your patients (or on a test question).

Bonus Playlist: What’s up with all the new question types the NREMT added in 2024?

We review all the new question styles, what they mean, and how to practice them.

AEMT & Paramedic Sample Questions Made by the NREMT

screenshot of national registry of emergency medical technicians logo with a preview of one of the nremt's practice questions for paramedic 2024 exam

Straight from the horse’s mouth. The NREMT created short sample tests for AEMT and paramedic candidates to familiarize themselves with the new question styles for 2024.

Please note, per the NREMT’s intro page on these tests: “These sample items are intended solely to introduce you to the different types of items you may see in the certification examination. They are not a substitute for studying. None of these sample items will appear on the actual examination.”

AEMT Sample Questions
Paramedic Sample Questions

NREMT Prep TikTok

dan limmer video screenshot with tiktok icons on right side and text box that says, "NREMT Prep TikTok"
Find ongoing practice questions, clinical conversations, discussions about NREMT changes, and testing advice from Dan and the team on TikTok.

We do our best to respond to all questions, comments, and requests.

Follow @LimmerEducation.

EMT Audio Lectures (and one for AEMT)

EMT Review Audio logo

Below is a link to a short playlist of sample lectures from the EMT & AEMT Review Audio Lecture apps. They’re discussion-based (not just some dude droning on and on) and bring lots of real-life examples to the conversation.

These will help boost your knowledge and your application of that knowledge for the NREMT!

Head to YouTube to start the playlist.

Passing the NREMT Podcast

Bold green text on turquoise background: "7 Things EMS Special Episode: Passing the NREMT" with caduceus and other med school type graphics in background7 Things EMS is normally a CE podcast, but this one special 40-minute episode is all about how to pass the NREMT. Dan shares seven honest insights that will help you before and during the test.

Listen to the episode here, or find it wherever you get your podcasts.

NREMT Review Jeopardy!

jeopardy-style game with NREMT topics: Airway, Medical Mysteries, Matters of the Heart, Trauma Junkie and Ops Flops. White text says, "NRREMT Review Jeopardy"
Obstetrics for 300 please, Mayim.

A Limmer exclusive, this Jeopardy-style review game brings out the competitive side in any EMT or student. Play solo, or get a group and compete with teams. Do both games, and you’ll be quizzed on 50 important items ranging from “tricky trauma” to “medical mysteries.”

Play Game 1: NREMT Review Jeopardy
Play Game 2: NREMT Review Challenge Jeopardy


2024 Update: These games were so popular, we started doing live editions on YouTube. Watch the recordings and check back for more live events here.

101 Last Minute NREMT Study Tips App

101 Last Minute Study Tips EMT logo/iconThese apps aren’t complete exam prep, but they are free, focused and fast tools for last-minute review. We created these free apps in partnership with EMS1.com after asking certified paramedics what they wish they’d known before taking the exam!

101 Last Minute NREMT Study Tips for EMT
101 Last Minute NREMT Study Tips for Paramedic


Everybody has questions about the NREMT. What’s on the exam? How does the computer adaptive thing work? Do you find out which questions you missed?

Answers to All Your NREMT FAQs

Recommended (But Not Free) NREMT Prep

There’s always more NREMT prep! If you need something a bit more comprehensive, in-depth and/or guided, check out our top-recommended apps and programs:


Our famous EMT, AEMT and Paramedic PASS apps are more challenging than the NREMT itself. We did that on purpose. If you can succeed on PASS practice exams, you can succeed on the NREMT. Includes multiple response items (all levels) and performance scenarios (AEMT and paramedic). Check out the PASS apps.


Affordable NREMT prep program for EMT and paramedic. This site is especially good for people who struggled in class or already failed the NREMT once. High quality questions closely resemble those found on the NREMT. Practice exams include all the NREMT’s new question types for 2024! Join now.

NREMT Review Streaming Video

In two hours, learn how to analyze NREMT test questions. This video walks you through practice NREMT questions (including TEIs) and teaches you how to approach challenging questions. There’s nothing else like it! Stream from LC-Ready.com.

EMT Remedial Training Icon: Green and yellow arrows encircling blue star of life; word "Remediation" in white on yellow arrowRemediation for EMT and AEMT

If you’ve failed the NREMT 3 times, the National Registry requires you to take a remedial course before your next attempt. The course must be 24 hours for EMT, 36 hours for AEMT. Limmer Education remediation is the most comprehensive course there is. Bonus: It’s not just a bunch of boring slides. Choose EMT or AEMT remedial training and sign up.

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