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    For common questions, you might find a quick answer here. Take a look through our frequently asked questions to find answers so you can start studying today!

    How do I cancel my subscription at are monthly subscriptions as per the pricing page and our terms of service. To cancel your account is easy:

    1. Log into with your account information
    2. Go to the My Account section and Click on Subscriptions
    3. Click on Cancel

    This will cancel your account but allow you to use the site until the end of this subscription month.

    Can I access my LC-Ready apps on my phone or tablet?

    Yes!  You can access your web apps in 2 ways:

    1. Access http://LC-ready.comwith your mobile browser.  The site is mobile optimized so that the site fits your screen like it is an app.
    2. Download the free LC-Ready app at iTunes or Google Play (depending on your phone) and login with your LC-Ready account.

    How can I reset my Mastered Questions in my app?

    To reset your Mastered questions at

    1. Click on your name in the upper right hand corner of the screen and choose My Account.
    2. In the My Account screen all your products will be listed and have Clear History and Clear Mastered buttons.
    3. Click the Clear Mastered button next to the product you want to clear.

    To reset your Mastered questions in your mobile app:

    1. Click on the settings wheel in the upper left hand corner of the app
    2. Click on the red reset button next to Reset Mastered

    How do I redeem a product code?

    If you received a product code from your instructor or bundled with your textbook, you can redeem the code by clicking the REDEEM tab on your user dashboard and enter your product code into the box provided. You only need to enter your code one time – your product will remain in your account for future logins.

    Do you offer bulk purchase discounts?

    Yes, we offer bulk discount to our educator and institutional customers.


    25% discount
    30% discount
    35% discount

    25% discount (quantity of 5-99)
    30% discount (quantity of 100-499)
    35% discount (quantity of 500+)

    How can I obtain a discount for my students?

    Give us a call at 207.482.0622 opt 2 or use our Contact Us form to receive a student discount code for your institution.

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