Clinical Gaming for EMT Learning

EMT Adventure is an animated, user-driven, dynamic learning tool for EMTs and EMT students. It is both an EMS simulator and a video game, with realistic scenarios that demand quick decision-making and clinical understanding.

Expected in 2022!

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EMT Adventure is a realistic simulation game that helps teach and reinforce clinical knowledge and decision making at the EMT level. Your patient’s condition—and your score—gives you instant feedback on every decision you make. It’s the next best thing to learning on the job.

In the EMT Adventure simulator game, you’re the EMT on duty for a variety of calls, including airway, cardiac, trauma, medical emergencies and pediatrics. It’s up to you to stock your ambulance, assess each patient and determine the best course of action. Your patients react in real time, either improving or worsening based on your decisions.

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On Call for a Whole City

Meet a variety of patients on urban, suburban and rural calls – including pediatrics and geriatrics.

Fully Animated Simulation

Your patients move and react in real time! EMT Adventure looks and plays like a video game – but with the clinical experience of simulation.

Competitive Play Options

Earn extra points and badges for outranking your peers and accomplishing goals.

Real-Time Feedback

No room for doubt! Every decision you make results in an instant change to the patient.

Who Is EMT Adventure For?

If you’re an EMT, EMT educator, EMT student, or a gamer with a working knowledge of EMS – this is for you.

In 2022, we’re hoping to release multiple versions of EMT Adventure. All versions are fast-paced, clinically challenging and user-driven, but easy to play and an engaging way to learn or refresh your real-world skills.

EMT Adventure: Educational

Student-driven learning for your EMT class.

    • Easy option for simulation learning… no expensive manikins to maintain or buy.
    • Choose and assign calls from a bank of scenarios.
    • Monitor student progress.
    • Engage students through a dynamic gaming platform, including scores and a leaderboard.

EMT Adventure: Individual

An EMT refresher and a new hobby.

    • Build confidence and competence.
    • Compete against other players.
    • Earn badges.
    • Keep skills sharp for high-intensity calls.
    • Match your video game addiction to your passion.

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