We get frequent emails from students wanting to know what they should study for the NREMT. We would all be a rich if we could give them the details they want. We can’t. But we do provide some guidelines. Generally it is important to know facts. It is a foundation for what you really need to know. Hopefully in class you have mastered a lot of those facts. The NREMT isn’t going to test facts alone. They test application of those facts. You need to know the material at a deeper level. Here are some examples of fact vs application questions: Fact vs application questions table   Do you see the difference between the two columns? One requires you to spit out facts. The other makes you apply them. The application side is closer to the type of decision you will need to make on the NREMT. Many people study by reading their book over and over. This only covers the fact component. You will need to find some other way to get application practice. While Limmer Education certainly has apps for that, here are a few other sources of good study material:

  • In your textbook look for exercises that say “critical thinking” or “decision making.”
  • Use case studies. These are good—be sure you actually stop and ask yourself questions as you go along so you get real decision-making practice.
  • Practice with high quality test questions that ask for application, not simple facts.
  • Ask your instructor for additional study material.

You can also check out the following youtube.com videos from Limmer Education: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s4gTTLy1z6Y https://youtu.be/FrRhsqOMwP4 Best to you on the exam.

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