We get a lot of calls and emails from people who have failed the NREMT. We seem to get more from people who have failed the NREMT three times. They are about to take a refresher class and come to us for advice. Our Chief Knowledge Office Dan Limmer answers their questions – and we wanted to share some of his advice.

Take an EMS Refresher Course

Take your refresher somewhere other than where you took your original course. It is time to go somewhere else and get knowledge from a different source. Dan recommends these refresher courses, which are all offered in an online format:

  • FOAMfrat: These guys offer an engaging refresher course for paramedics. The course gives you access to both instructor-led and self-paced content.
  • Distance CME: EMT/EMR and Paramedic/AEMT refresher courses offered by the great and caring team at Distance CME.
  • Treasure Coast Medical Institute: Our friend Dr. Marjorie Bowers brings a wealth of experience to her paramedic refresher course. For EMT hopefuls, Kevin Franklin teaches an excellent EMT refresher.

These online courses will help fill in knowledge gaps and satisfy the National Registry’s refresher policy.

Be sure to take the refresher course with the intent to learn—don’t just go through the motions to get three more attempts.

Ask the Hard Questions about Your NREMT Failure

Dan also recommends some introspection. Ask yourself some tough questions, like:

  1. Did I learn from my course? Not all courses are created equal. If you don’t believe your course was high quality, you have some catching up to do.
  2. Did I study and work hard to learn? If not, you now realize why you aren’t successful.
  3. Do I have any learning, reading, or attention deficit issues that need to be addressed before I try again? If so, talk to your instructor. See what resources are available from your school or by physician referral. Be sure to document any disabilities and present them to your school for accommodations and to the NREMT for extended time to take the exam.
  4. Have I lost confidence in passing? If so, you’ll need to get that back before you try again.

Find a Path to Success

Dan designed our EMTReview.com and ParamedicReview.com sites for just these issues. Our sites provide review or course content, structured study, interactive exams, and much more. One of the biggest benefits of premium membership (especially for students who have failed the NREMT) is weekly, live NREMT study sessions. During the study session webinars, Dan Limmer personally reviews NREMT-style practice questions and answers any questions participants have about the exam.

EMTReview.com and ParamedicReview.com address the three major issues students face:

  • EMS knowledge.
  • Ability to read and analyze an NREMT question.
  • Getting your confidence back.

While we prefer you come to work with Dan before your third attempt, it is never too late. We hope we will see you at EMTReview.com or ParamedicReview.com to help you pass the test. It is what we are here for—and what we do best.

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  • Anthony East says:

    I took the nremt twice now and I’m not confident enough to wanna take it again to fail. Any advice?

    • Dan Limmer says:

      Hi Anthony–thanks for leaving us a message. Being unsuccessful twice can shake the confidence a bit–but the third time is a high stakes attempt. You are far from alone here.

      The first thing I would say is that you can’t do what you did for the first two attempts. I find that people re-read the book or took practice exams that gave them a false sense of confidence. Basically there ate three things I believe you need. Only you know how much each of these play in your situation: knowledge of the material, ability to read and answer an NREMT-style question, and confidence. Confidence usually comes from the first two.

      Since you’ve left a note here at Limmer Education I’m going to tell you about a few of the options we have. The first is EMTReview.com or ParamedicReview.com (depending on what exam you are taking). This site has live study sessions where most people are in your situation. We go over questions and knowledge each week. There are numerous other items on the site from a review plan to interactive exams and more. That is $19.99 per month and I think it would be worth a month. If your class wasn’t awesome we have optional audios to help get your knowledge up to speed.

      I’d also recommend our “PASS” apps (EMT, AEMT, and paramedic). They contain tough questions that will help your knowledge as well as learning the NREMT style question. But the key is how you use it. Many just fly through the exams and then look at their grade. I want you to look at the rationale when you get a question wrong, then look back at the question and figure out what you missed that would have helped you get the question right.

      I hope you’ll try our products. They have helped others in your situation. Perhaps I will see you in office hours soon.

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