Like many in EMS, we were surprised by JEM’s decision to stop publishing the print version of the journal.  What does this mean for EMS and how do we in EMS best respond to the online version?  Our Chief Pass-ologist posted his views on Facebook.

TEXT: JEMS is stopping publication of their print magazine. In one of the best-spun emails I have seen in a long time, they are claiming that things change rapidly—more rapidly than a monthly magazine can keep up with.

Do they realize they are telling this to an audience in which many still teach that patients should get high flow oxygen EIGHT YEARS after the guidelines changed? I don’t buy it.

Ultimately they can’t sell enough ads to justify paying for paper and postage when they can target online emails and clicks directly to a more focused audience. Let’s be clear. It is business. They aren’t evil—and they aren’t alone in the EMS space.

I will miss the days of the print magazine. But what is the real message here? We don’t respond to what a magazine does. They respond to what we want. We should be skeptical of the voluminous number of sponsored webinars and clickbait articles. We should demand solid science, clinical relevance and research first, opinion pieces second, glitzy ads for unproven products and gaudy t-shirts a distant last.

On the cover of JEMS every month they claim to be “The Conscience of EMS.” Paper or online that is what I want most from them.

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