Limmer Creative, the leading provider of EMS test prep and review apps for mobile devices, web and the mobile web has developed a new tool to help students prepare for the NREMT.  101 Last Minute Study Tips for the NREMT (EMT and Paramedic versions) will launch October 31, 2012 during EMS Expo in New Orleans, LA.  These free apps developed in partnership with contain a collection of high-yield facts and principles in a study card format that can be easily reviewed in preparation for the examination.

Preparing to take the NREMT (National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians) exam can be a daunting and stressful time for an EMS student.  The computer adaptive test has a 70% national pass rate average for EMTs and 72% pass rate for Paramedics when taking the exam for the first time.  Often times, how a student prepares for the exam is the key factor to whether or not they will pass.  No one source will completely prepare a student to take the exam.  The National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians encourages students to “consult multiple references, especially in the areas in which you having difficulty.”

101 Last Minute Study Tips for the NREMT was developed in conjunction with and was built via soliciting content from a wide cross section of actual EMS providers.  The providers were asked, “What one thing did you wish you had studied before taking the NREMT exam?” The wide range of results were reviewed and tabulated to create the 101 top perceived areas of difficulty for students taking the NREMT exam.

“The depth and richness of the app is due to the significant reach of our corporate partner,” said Limmer Creative CEO, Stephanie Limmer. “We were able to gather a substantial cross-section of user feedback to build a high-quality review app.”

Many of the perceived areas of weakness in the survey matched long-held beliefs about the NREMT exam. The most commonly cited areas were prominence of pediatric and obstetric content in the exam that doesn’t match the level of corresponding content and practice in class. Cardiology, resuscitation and medical emergencies were also considered areas of significant need.  At the Paramedic level, pharmacology was frequently noted as an area of perceived weakness.

A surprising result found in the survey was the perceived weakness of anatomy, physiology and medical terminology among both the EMT and Paramedic level providers.  “Since many of the respondents took the NREMT before the implementation of the education standards, it would seem that this problem might worsen as questions with increased pathophysiology work their way into the NREMT exams,” said Limmer Creative Principal and Founder, Dan Limmer.

The 101 Last Minute Study Tips apps are free, focused and fast tools for last minute exam review. They are not complete exam preparation products, and should be used in conjunction with other review tools.  Limmer Creative’s current exam prep and review apps are designed to help users pass the test using a combination of study cards, multiple choice review questions and practice exams.  Products include EMT Review Plus, Paramedic Review Plus, Critical Care Paramedic Review, Pathophysiology Review, ACLS Review, PALS Review, 12 Lead ECG Challenge and ECG Challenge.