EMT Review Audio LectureOne of the products requested most by our customers is audio. Students have a strong desire to learn outside the classroom—especially when that learning is valuable and insightful and its format matches their on-the-go lifestyle. Auditory learners or students who find reading a challenge will also benefit from an audio presentation.  We’re proud to announce two new app-based audio products that meet the need:

EMT Review Audio—EMT Lecture Series:  30 EMT lectures in discussion format based on topics across the EMT education standards. The lectures are conversational in style and provide the deep insights, up-to-date information and portability our students require. Some audio products simply read the textbook back to the student. Not this one. Limmer Education co-founder and Chief Pass-ologist Dan Limmer teams up with EMS educator, author and conference speaker Dan Batsie for each of the segments plus a bonus track on passing the practical examination.

30 segments + bonus track

15 hours of audio


Listen to a sample Respiratory- Asthma (18:27 mins)


EMT Review Audio—Pathophysiology for EMTs:  Understanding pathophysiology is a foundational requirement for an EMT, yet many educators have trouble conveying complex pathophysiological principles to EMT students. Not so in this 5-segment, 4.5 hour audio program. In these 5 segments Dan Limmer joins veteran EMS educator and author Joe Mistovich to explain pathophysiology in an understandable way and relate that pathophysiology to common patient presentations.

5 segments

4.5 hours of audio


Listen to a sample (5 Min)


Both products are available on our LC-Ready.com website. Audio may be played on a computer or on a mobile device through our LC-Ready.com app. Limmer Education classroom discount codes for our traditional study apps may be used to purchase our audio apps.

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