We are excited to announce our new line of apps beginning with Med Benders™, a fun word game for EMS professionals.

Using common EMS forms and activities such as run reports, training materials and letters from citizens, the Med Benders™ program prompts users to replace strategic words with random words and phrases to create hilarious and offbeat results.

“EMS providers have an inherent sense of fun and adventure,” says Limmer Education founder and paramedic Dan Limmer. “We believe this will be fun in downtime or between calls.”

The apps will be available on the iTunes Store and Google Play (Android) markets beginning with iTunes in August.

“We have created these apps with considerable functionality,” says Limmer Education CEO Stephanie Limmer. “We believe sharing is a key element in apps today and this line will take full advantage of social media integration. Combined with a $0.99 initial price point, we believe we will share humor with a wide audience.”