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The PASS apps are more challenging than the NREMT itself. If you can succeed on PASS practice exams, you can succeed on the NREMT. The apps are regularly updated to keep up with AHA guidelines, changing best practices, and new NREMT question styles.
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Students indicated that question verbiage, format and style presented [in EMT PASS] mimicked those on the NREMT exam and helped them successfully pass!

Marina ProektorEMT Program Director, Conejo Valley Adult Education

I just took and passed my written today and I can say the material here really prepares your mind for how to think and break down questions.


I took National Registry and passed it no problem on my first time up. Without this app I would not have recognized 95% of the questions I was asked.

Erin F.EMT

I tried other resources but yours worked I highly recommend your service to anyone who is seeking additional help to pass!

Sunny C.Paramedic

Wonderful advice. I passed my NREMT a couple days ago at 70 questions. EMT PASS is 10/10!!!


I had to retake the NREMT exam because I let it lapse. I took the test this morning and received my passing results a few hours ago. Paramedic PASS really helped me get in the right mind set to take the test. Thank you for this!

Scott T.

EMT PASS was so thorough and difficult that taking the NREMT the 1st time was a breeze. Once I started getting the higher-level questions, I knew I was doing well. When it cut me off at 70 questions, there was no doubt in my mind that I had passed.

Larissa W.

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