NREMT Remediation

Accepted by the NREMT

Pass the NREMT after a failed attempt
If you fail the NREMT 3 times, the National Registry requires you to take a remedial course before your next attempt (24 hours for EMT and 36 hours for AEMT). Limmer Education Remediation is the most comprehensive course there is. Also CAPCE-accredited for CE.


EMT Remediation


AEMT Remediation

I failed 3 times, so I purchased the remedial training. Watching the videos and taking the practice test on each topic really helped me understand the concepts and what to look out for in the NREMT. The questions are harder than the NREMT. Limmer Education is the real deal. I passed on my 4th attempt.

David R.

After three failed attempts, I didn't think I had a chance of passing but after completion of the EMT remedial training course, I just passed today on my fourth try!! This course made me understand topics and National Registry better than anyone else had. Thank you!

Trace H.

The pictures and diagrams really are helpful. I also like the questions. I love Dan’s teaching style, I feel that I understand Pathophysiology a lot better now than I did before.


You and your online remediation were my saving grace! I completed your online remediation and went in to take my third attempt and passed! Thank you!!!

Sidney F.

I finally passed (fourth time) and it was all thanks to this remediation. I realized that I knew the material well, but I did not know how to answer the questions properly. Also a lot of what I learned at school was not up to date, but Limmer's remediation class was. So thank you so much for this as it was the reason I was finally able to successfully pass.

Nolan R.

On my third and final attempt at the NREMT exam I am relieved to say that I am now NREMT certified! This course was logical and challenging, teaching me valuable skills and knowledge. Most importantly, I learned how to think more critically and calculated when faced with a patient. I am beyond satisfied with what I gleaned from this course.


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