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These apps help you review and build on the material you learned in class, while preparing you for NREMT questions. Strengthen your weakest areas while training your brain to think for the NREMT!
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I passed my NREMT and attribute your products to my success. I took a chance on the LC-Ready app and EMT Review Plus. This plus your YouTube channel truly helped me pass! Thank you for having this resource and I’ll be back when it’s time to renew!


I passed on the first try! The Limmer approach was light years better and more realistic than [competitors]. I used both and the EMT Review Plus Android App. Two separate fees for two separate products, but one allowed me to study while on the road and the other allowed me to study (and get more in-depth into the content) from home.

William B.

I purchased EMT Review Plus and it was so worth every penny! Of course I learned in my classes, but this was the perfect adjunct to my studies. I passed the NREMT my first try and I know it was because of Limmer! I can’t say enough great things about it.


The people who have used the apps to their fullest have been very successful with first time pass rates. Almost 100% at this time.

Steven Turner, Instructor

I took my NREMT test the other day and passed. I can say without a doubt that I would not have passed without this resources of Limmer Education. [EMT Review Plus] not only taught me the content I should focus on, but the best strategy tips that I definitely found myself using during the exam.


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