About the App

Move from EMT to AEMT with help from the Limmer AEMT Review app

Congrats on wanting to take your career and your skills to the next level. We know from personal experience that the transition from EMT to AEMT is a challenging one. There’s even more to learn and remember than when you became an EMT. You need the right, in-depth study tool to supplement your class and help you study for the NRAEMT.

The Limmer AEMT Review is that app, with more than 1,400 items to master through study cards, review questions and simulated practice examinations.

Highlights of the AEMT Review app

Our AEMT Review app covers all of the major topics you’ll need to understand thoroughly to succeed on the AEMT exam and in the field, including:

  • AEMT Preparatory
  • Patient Assessment
  • Pharmacology
  • Intravenous Access
  • Advanced Airway
  • Cardiac and Respiratory
  • Medical Emergencies and OB
  • Trauma Emergencies and Shock
  • AEMT Critical Thinking
How the AEMT Review app works

You’ll master key concepts through repeated practice with flash cards, review questions and NREMT-style, timed practice exams. Plus, in the Review and Testing sections, you’ll get the rationale behind the right answer, including information you need to be a better test taker and AEMT.

Unique to a number of the Limmer Education apps, including AEMT Review, is additional content and a structure that will teach you to better read and understand an exam question. We’ll teach you how to identify a question’s key parts and solve the puzzle within while increasing your knowledge of medical terminology and pathophysiology.

AEMT Review will improve your thinking skills

Our Critical Thinking questions expose you to concepts and content vital to thinking critically (by analyzing, assessing and reconstructing a situation) and understanding your patients, as well as the test questions!

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