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Getting ready for the Critical Care Paramedic Certification?

Congratulations on deciding to take the BCCTPC CCP-C exam. Once you pass, you’ll be part of a select group of individuals trained to anticipate and respond to the needs of critical care patients during transport.

But first things first –you have to pass, and just knowing the clinical facts won’t be enough to do that. Do you understand and can you apply the broad scope of knowledge to the care of critical patients? You’ll also be expected to have a strong understanding of current ACLS, PALS, NALS and ITLS/PHTLS standards.

Don’t worry. The Limmer mobile and web-based Critical Care Paramedic Review app can help get you ready. Created and reviewed by experts and educators in critical care, our critical care study tool is an accurate, convenient, cost-effective way to prepare for the CCP-C exam. It’ll supplement what you learned in class related to transporting critically ill patients, while you identify (and then overcome) areas you might need to focus on a little more.

Highlights of the Critical Care Paramedic Review app

You’ll get 500 flashcards and two practice exams; each exam contains 125 questions that cover the 11 sections of the actual CCP-C exam. Plus, you get bonus flashcards that cover lab and value norms, critical care technology and critical thinking. An entire bonus section, Flight Fundamentals, gives you additional prep for the FP-C examination, including a practice exam.

The Critical Care Paramedic Review app gives you an in-depth review of all of the following:

  • Obstetrical Patients
  • Neonatal and Pediatric Patients
  • Respiratory Patients
  • Cardiac Patients
  • Burn Patients
  • General Medical Patients
  • Trauma Patient Management
  • Advanced Airway Management Techniques
  • Neurologic Patients
  • Toxic Exposure and Environmental Patients
  • Transport Fundamentals, Safety and Survival
  • Laboratory and Value Norms
  • Critical Care Equipment and Technology
  • Critical Thinking Exercises
  • Flight Fundamentals

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