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Turn every commute and every long line into serious EMT study time.

Looking for a convenient, on-the-go system to review for the EMT exam or to just stay sharp? The Limmer EMT Review Audio—EMT Lecture Series contains more than 15 hours of insightful lectures on the topics most critical to your studies and your success as an EMT.

Limmer Education’s Dan Limmer has teamed up with EMS educator, author and conference speaker Dan Batsie to cover a range of topics relevant to your EMT goals and review needs. The EMT Lectures turn every commute and every long line into study time—just put in your earbuds and hit Play on your mobile device.

No stale lecturing or monotone textbook reading here. The engaging, conversational style will draw you in and reinforce your classroom learning, with a down-to-earth, practical presentation of a range of complex EMT-related topics.

The 30 EMT Lectures, which were recorded in a studio for high-quality sound, include the 2015 AHA guidelines and a bonus track with tips on passing the NREMT practical exams. With each segment, you get the deep insights, up-to-date information and portability you require.

Highlights of the EMT Review Lecture Audio
  • Conversational in tone, with meaningful insights and current information
  • Expert contributors are well-known authors, educators and conference speakers
  • More than 15 hours of audio
  • Thirty lectures covering major EMS topics
  • Bonus track for passing the NREMT Practical Exam
  • High-quality sound
Presented in 6 easy-to-learn segments

Each segment presents its topic in an easy-to-learn and comprehend format:

  • Case study presentation
  • A&P/pathophysiology
  • Discussion
  • Signs and symptoms
  • Treatment
  • Last word (recap and highlights)
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