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Want a comprehensive, on-the-go pathophysiology review? This is it.

Pathophysiology is a critical foundation for success as an EMT. A solid knowledge of its basics and intricacies opens the door to grasping and treating a wide variety of medical and traumatic conditions. With the Limmer EMT Review Audio—Pathophysiology Lectures, you get the clear, accurate, portable explanation necessary to understand and apply pathophysiology concepts. Review wherever you are—all you need is your mobile device and a pair of ear buds.

In this five-segment series, EMS authors and educators Dan Limmer and Joe Mistovich present pathophysiology with the relevance, depth and insights you need. These friends explain pathophysiology clearly while relating it to common patient presentations. And their deep understanding of the topic and love of teaching comes across in these high-quality audio recordings.

Spanning 4.5 hours, the EMT Review Audio—Pathophysiology Lectures will clearly and effectively improve your understanding of pathophysiology, for the exam and for your practice.

Highlights of the EMT Review Audio—Pathophysiology Lectures
  • Conversational in tone, with meaningful insights and current information
  • Expert contributors are well-known authors, educators and conference speakers
  • More than 4.5 hours of audio
  • Five lectures covering crucial pathophysiology topics
  • High-quality sound
Presented in 5 easy-to-learn segments

Each segment presents its topic in an easy-to-learn and comprehend format:

  • Ambient air, the airways and mechanics of ventilation
  • Regulation of respiration
  • Pathophysiology of perfusion
  • Transport of gases in the blood
  • Why do we need to know about the cell?
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