About the App

Get the extra prep you need with the Limmer PALS Review app

To pass your PALS course, you must be able to recognize and identify specific conditions like respiratory failure, cardiac rhythm disturbances and shock, and you must show you can treat them appropriately according to American Heart Association algorithms and recommendations.

The Limmer Education PALS Review app can help you increase your ability to recognize and respond to these and many other conditions, both in class and in the field. In addition to getting vital information on rates, rhythms and doses, our PALS review study tool gives you a thorough review of the following topic areas, all of which you must be able to understand and interpret to pass your class:

  • BCLS
  • Pharmacology
  • Algorithms
  • ACLS Core Principles
Highlights of the PALS Review app
  • More than 200 study cards covering key PALS concepts
  • Four 25-question practice exams matching AHA style and content areas with scenario-based questions like you’ll see on the exam
  • Detailed rationale answers for each question to help you master course content
  • Pediatric resuscitation concepts
  • Integrated ECG strips for interpretation practice, strips may be expanded to full screen for easy viewing

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