About the App

Improve your airway knowledge before the exam

Are you looking for a portable and insightful companion to the airway portion of your paramedic class? Or, do you want an in-depth review as you prepare for the NREMT? The Limmer Paramedic Airway Review is both, and it is the partner you must have as you head into the exam and toward your career as a paramedic.

Our Paramedic Airway Review app is broken down into the following topics, all of which are critical to your success in class, on the test and in the field:

  • Airway Anatomy and Physiology
  • Endotracheal Intubation
  • Rescue and Alternate Airways
  • Rapid Sequence Induction
  • Difficult Airway Decisions

With facts and insights from nationally-recognized EMS educators that clearly explain topics like airway management and ventilation, this full-service paramedic study app tests your knowledge on a range of important concepts like acid-base balance and airway anatomy and physiology. You’ll also explore difficult airway situations, to better prepare you for any complications you may encounter with patients.

Highlights of the Paramedic Airway Review app

You’ll review and master 600 items using study cards, review questions and two 50-question practice exams to master the basics as well as the more challenging concepts, like:

  • Airway anatomy and physiology and acid/base balance
  • Rescue techniques and alternate airway options including supraglottic devices
  • Decision-making approaches for patients who are difficult to intubate

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