About the App

To ace the NREMT, you need to know your pharmacology

The comprehensive, easy-to-navigate Limmer Paramedic Pharmacology Review app is one of the few products truly dedicated to the paramedic pharmacology curriculum. It delivers much more than just a study of medications; you get venous access, IM injections and much more.

Covering everything from a review of pharmacology basics to pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, this is the intensive NREMT pharmacology prep you need. Study whenever you have a few minutes, to become comfortable treating patients in critical situations.

Highlights of the Paramedic Pharmacology Review app

The Paramedic Pharmacology Review app is designed for the modern paramedic student on the go and includes over 1000 items that will help you prepare for the NREMT and your life after the test, including:

  • Sections covering popular EMS medication classes, including cardiovascular and code drugs, IV solutions, common prescription medications and more
  • Over 630 different study cards
  • More than 300 review questions
  • Two 50-question exams
Plus, you get an in-depth review of:

  • Pharmacology Basics
  • Pharmacology A&P
  • Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics
  • Venous Access and Medication Administration
  • IV Solutions and Fluids
  • Cardiovascular Meds and Code Drugs
  • Other Prehospital Medications
  • Common Prescription Medications

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