About the App

Improve your knowledge of emergencies in special populations

Identifying the unique needs of and caring for special population patients can be difficult. These individuals often require levels of knowledge and care that many providers don’t use day-to-day. Created and reviewed by leading national EMS educators, the Limmer Creative Paramedic Special Populations Review app is your perfect partner for increasing your understanding of treatment for these groups while also getting you NREMT-ready.

Our special populations review app can improve your familiarity with a number of special population areas, including pediatrics, neonatal resuscitation, geriatrics, obstetrics and patients with disabilities. You’ll become more proficient at:

  • Applying developmental differences to the assessment and care of patients across the lifespan
  • Differentiating critical from non-critical pediatric patients
  • Resuscitating a child, infant and neonate
  • Assessing and managing special population patients
  • Using high-tech devices to care for special population patients

The mobile and web-based Paramedic Special Populations app provides the depth of study you need, to know how to best treat this unique patient population.

Highlights of the Paramedic Special Populations app

This app includes two 50-question exams, 500 study cards and 250 multiple choice review questions that cover eight carefully-chosen topics you need to master and be able to apply in special population scenarios:

  • Pediatric Development and Assessment
  • Pediatric Airway and Respiratory System
  • Pediatric Medical Emergencies
  • Pediatric Trauma Emergencies
  • Childbirth and Neonatal Emergencies
  • High Tech Devices
  • Geriatrics

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