About the App

How strong is your trauma knowledge?

The EMS system as we know it began in the 1960s with a strong focus on trauma, and as a paramedic, you continue to take particular pride in your ability to manage complex scenes and challenging multi-system trauma patients. The Limmer Paramedic Trauma Review app helps you expand your trauma knowledge by addressing trauma by body system and including a section on trauma in special populations.

Understanding trauma requires a solid understanding of shock. Our Paramedic Trauma Review app contains an entire section on bleeding and shock as well as another on chest and abdominal trauma—where serious multiple traumas occur.

Written by leading national paramedic experts, our mobile and web-based Paramedic Trauma Review study tool is designed to better prepare you for your classroom exams as well as the NREMT, while more effectively showing you how to meet the challenges that come with treating trauma patients in the field.

Highlights of the Paramedic Trauma Review app

The Paramedic Trauma Review app contains 850 items including study cards, review questions and practice tests, all of which are full of the critical details you need. The app is split into the following topics:

  • Trauma in Special Populations
  • Trauma and Trauma Systems
  • Bleeding and Shock
  • Chest Trauma
  • Abdominal Trauma
  • Head, Face and Neck Trauma
  • Spinal Trauma
  • Soft Tissue Trauma
  • Muscoskeletal Trauma

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