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Get your team STEMI Ready!

The Limmer Creative STEMI Ready app can help both new and experienced medics more easily identify STEMI and prevent activation for mimics and get them even more ready to deal with patients in the field.

At the core of the STEMI Ready program is the popular and highly-effective Limmer Creative 12-lead ECG Challenge app. We put this essential resource on steroids and added unique material and functions, to improve your team’s 12-Lead ECG interpretation expertise while increasing their insight and confidence levels. Created by leading EMS ECG expert, lecturer and author Tom Bouthillet (EMS 12 Lead), its robust features can support the training needs of both agencies and educators.

With this mobile and web-based app, providers can review a wide variety of cardiac pathologies, including acute STEMI and STEMI mimics, using our cross-platform technology.

Through the Instructor Dashboard, educators can:

  • Manage multiple groups
  • Instantly see their students’ progress from the past 30 sessions
  • Get a detailed history of students’ study progress with the History link
  • Download group registration information
Through the User Dashboard, students can:

  • See their progress over the past 30 sessions
  • Download their scores
  • Get a detailed history of their studying to date with the History link
  • Email their instructors in a single click

Our STEMI Ready program easily and effectively matches the on-the-go training needs of your providers, while delivering the quality STEMI training you desperately need, whether you’re an EMS agency or STEMI center. And all for about $7 per employee!

Download our information packet for additional details, and contact us with any questions or to purchase the Limmer Creative STEMI Ready app.

Highlights of the STEMI Ready app
  • 50 question Cath Lab Challenge quiz – analyze these challenging 12-lead tracings and determine whether to active the cath lab.
  • 180 clinically acquired 12-lead ECGs with detailed rationale interpretations
  • A short multiple choice quiz to test your practioners’ 12-lead knowledge
  • Use the app on the computer in the station or anywhere via a mobile device
  • Track user’s study time and 12-leads mastered
STEMI training for an EMS Agency

We believe the Limmer Creative STEMI Ready app will benefit your employees as well as your entire department. Our information packet will show you how easy it is to approach your local STEMI center and get this training for your personnel, to ultimately prevent costly unnecessary cath lab activations.

Our team is here to walk you through getting this valuable program into your agency. Contact us with any questions or to purchase the Limmer Creative STEMI Ready app.

Looking for STEMI Center giveaways?

Instead of giving away Frisbees, notebooks and t-shirts, is it time for something more educational?  For less than the cost of other outreach items or simple giveaways, you can give a highly effective training solution to an EMS agency, while keeping your STEMI Center first and foremost in their minds for STEMI training.

The app’s robust features appeal to both individuals and educators, and our online program allows agencies track both training time and success. Read our informational packet to learn more about the STEMI Ready training program—and get the ready-to-go documents you need to order this app for your local EMS agencies.

Our team is available to help you get this valuable educational tool into the hands of local EMS providers quickly and efficiently.  Contact us with any questions or to purchase the Limmer Creative STEMI Ready app.

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