Give the gift of apps to your studentsThe end of the year coincides with many things. Christmas and Hanukkah, the end of the semester, and perhaps most of all, reflecting on the many blessings we have.

Students may not be the first things that come into your mind when counting your blessings (especially at this time of year), but they are the reason we do what we do—and the future of EMS. Have you ever considered giving your students a gift? If so, Limmer Education has a few ideas that can help you out—and not break the program budget or your personal finances. Consider this:

  • By giving your students an app, you are providing a gift that says you value education.
  • Apps don’t expire so the gift continues on into their practice.
  • Prices range from about $4 to $7 per student for best-selling educational apps.
  • It is very easy. We provide a holiday gift sheet with instructions for redeeming the app.
  • Apps can be delivered to you quickly before the end of classes.

The app is branded. Every time the student uses the app—even into their practice—they will see your name, your program name or a custom message you choose.

From the best-selling 12-lead ECG Challenge™ app or Paramedic Review Plus™ for your medics to our popular EMT Review Plus™ app for your EMT students, we have a gift that shows you value your students—and education.

Give the gift of quality study and review material this holiday season.

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