Students studying for NREMTOne of the questions we hear often from educators is “How can I integrate your apps into my EMS classroom?”  Students have more and more been turning to online app stores for their study and review needs. Apps on their mobile devices fit their busy on-the-go lifestyle and are often considered more convenient than a review textbook they have to tote around.  While apps are plentiful on the app stores, the quality varies quite a lot.  As an educator, you don’t always know what your students are getting.

We suggest that as an educator you screen the apps for both functionality and content.  Is it easy to understand and to use?  Does the content match what I am teaching?  Is the content consistent with the curriculum and National Education Standards?  Once you have determined the app is appropriate for your students, they also have a place in your classroom and after for exam review.

We have put together a handout with suggestions on ways to integrate apps into the classroom to create a more dynamic, engaging and educational experience for your students.

Limmer Education provides both the quality content and on-the-go functionality that works for you and your students.  For an online demo of any of our online test prep products and our instructor dashboard, please contact us at 207-482-0622 or through our online contact form.

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