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We’re an education company formed out of a passion for EMS and creative learning—with a network of contributors include leading ECG experts and former NREMT Directors.

Limmer Education is a band of leading national EMS educators, authors, and providers formed by a passion for EMS and creative learning. We help students succeed in their classrooms and tests using high-quality, clinically accurate, and educationally sound apps and tools.

Since 2009, Limmer Education has published more than 20 apps and study tools for EMTs, Paramedics, Nurses, and Allied Health. The modern EMS classroom requires modern solutions, so we are continuously developing tools for educators, using cutting edge technology and innovative teaching methods.

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Limmer Education

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Meet the amazing people behind our wonderful products.
Dan Limmer in black glasses and suit jacket with tie

Dan Limmer


Dan is Limmer Education’s co-founder and Chief Knowledge Officer. He is responsible for the high-quality content that goes into our products as well as developing new product concepts and ideas. His background is in public safety and education. He is a paramedic and police officer who writes EMS textbooks, including Emergency Care, EMR Complete, EMPACT, and others. He frequently speaks at EMS conferences around the world. His idea of a good time is reading about critical thinking and diagnosis while sipping a margarita.

Dan is the crazy yang to Stephanie’s calm, methodical yin. He lives in Kennebunk, Maine with Stephanie, daughters Sarah and Margo, dog Lulu, and cat Gracie. He likes the dog more.

Stephanie Limmer Headshot

Stephanie Limmer


As co-founder and Chief Business Officer of Limmer Education, Stephanie heads the business operations, strategy, and product development teams. Her background includes non-profit management, sales, and marketing for a major medical publisher and search directory for AOL. With a Masters of Information Science, she loves research and innovating new processes to keep the company organized.

Stephanie is the introvert yin to Dan’s extrovert yang. They live in Kennebunk, Maine and have two daughters – a drama queen 16 years old and a “fun-sized” 26 years old, a sweet Labrador Retriever, and a stuck up cat.

Dr. Will Krost headshot in a blue shirt

Dr. Will Krost

Medical Director

Will Krost, MD, MBA, NRP, is an Emergency Physician, EMS Medical Director, former flight physician, Paramedic, and former Hospital Administrator. He currently resides in Louisville, KY with his wife and 3 children. He is a faculty member with the University of Louisville Department of Emergency Medicine. Will has taught at EMS Conferences across the country and abroad for nearly 20 years. In addition to his conference work, Will has been a Professor of Emergency Medicine, Healthcare Leadership, Process Improvement, EMS, Physician Assistant Studies, and Pharmacology for over a decade.

Julie Lytz

Marketing Manager

Julie handles a little bit of everything marketing-related. She began her career as an editor for a dog magazine, but most of her work since then has been digital marketing for B2B companies. She first started working with the Limmers in 2015, and her first project was the launch of EMTReview.com! After a foray into corporate America, Julie is happy to be back in the EMS world.

She lives in Phoenix with her husband and three dogs (Wallaby, Bear Claw and Hobbes). She enjoys literary fiction and trying to be a good gardener. For a city person, Julie has an unusual amount of experience with goats. If you know anyone who needs a good goat herder, please get in touch.

Cheryl Price headshot cropped

Cheryl Price

Account Manager

Cheryl started with the company in 2012 as Executive Admin extraordinaire. Over the years she enjoyed her interactions with educators and was excited to move into the role of Account Manager in 2021. She now handles the management of all educational bulk sales and provides support for our educator customers. Her first priority is to ensure that educators are easily using Limmer Education products to their full potential with their students. Her greatest satisfaction comes from knowing that she is indirectly helping students acquire the knowledge to pass their exams and be top-notch providers.

Cheryl lives in Kennebunk with her husband and their labradoodle Maxwell. They have three adult sons (who all agree that Maxwell is the favorite child). When she isn’t secretly trying to get an acceptable score in EMT PASS, Cheryl enjoys kayaking, spending time with family, and volunteering with Maxwell as a therapy dog team.

Maddie Dreimiller

Administrative Assistant

Maddie joined the Limmer Education team in 2021 as our Administrative Assistant. Her background is in English and non-profit work. She served two years as an AmeriCorps member in Austin, TX as a literacy tutor. Maddie is excited to step into the Administrative Assistant role to provide support to Limmer Education's operations and their customers.

Maddie currently lives in Austin, TX with her boyfriend and two cats, Little One and Olive, who definitely run the household. She enjoys spending time outdoors, reading, knitting, and writing. Maddie can often be found baking and experimenting with new recipes as she has a wicked sweet tooth.

Bianka Black

Creative Marketing Specialist

As Creative Marketing Specialist with Limmer Education, Bianka helps design, create, and deliver marketing assets to support the company. After getting an Arts, Media, and Engineering degree at Arizona State University, she started as a digital marketer for a SAAS company. Bianka also has experience with freelance design. She started at Limmer Education in 2021 and is excited to learn all that the EMS world has to offer.

Bianka lives in Arizona with her fiancé (Ryan) and her corgi (Toast). In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, playing board games, and taking long walks (when it isn't 100+ degrees outside). Bianka can often be found driving around in her yellow car on a quest to find the perfect margarita pizza.

J. Todd Vreeland

National Testing and Certification Consultant

J. Todd Vreeland has over twenty years of experience in the emergency medical service profession. Starting his career as a volunteer EMT for a non-profit ambulance service, he has worked as an EMT and Advanced EMT before being licensed as a Paramedic. Mr. Vreeland has worked for various private, municipal fire, and combination EMS departments during his career. Mr. Vreeland's career includes 17 years as a Fire Service Paramedic, Field Training Officer, and Adjunct Instructor for Philadelphia Fire Department and over fifteen years experience as a line and chief officer for several combination EMS departments in suburban Philadelphia. Mr. Vreeland developed and managed an associate's level paramedic certification program and worked as the National Registry of EMT Coordinator of Examinations. At the National Registry of EMT, he worked with EMS educators, regulators, and physician medical directors to develop the national EMS certification exams. Currently, he is the Co-chair of the International Board of Specialty Services' Item Writing & Exam Construction Committees. As a consultant, he develops solutions that assist educators and students in preparing to provide high-quality patient-centered out-of-hospital medical care.


By partnering with veteran NREMT insiders, such as former Executive Director William E Brown, educators, and innovative EMS companies, Limmer is working to bring forward a more dynamic classroom and educational experience for students at all levels of certification.
Working with the top providers, educators, and companies in EMS.
  • Our ECG Challenge apps are products of two well known ECG experts and bloggers; Tom Bouthillet (EMS12lead.com and CodeSTEMI) and Dawn Altman (ECG Guru).
  • EMT PASS, AEMT PASS, and Paramedic PASS are a partnership with William E Brown, former NREMT Executive Director.
  • Our popular 101 Last Minute Study Tips apps are a product of our partnership with EMS1.com.
  • CAE Ares
    When CAE needed a top quality education in app format to accompany their new manikin, they came to Limmer Education.
  • Distance CME
    To supplement their live distance learning courses, Distance CME provides additional value to their customers by equipping them with Limmer Education apps.
  • UT Health
    UT Health chose Limmer’s Critical Care Paramedic Review app to train their military Critical Care Students.
  • Pearson Education
    Our clinical apps combined with the best textbooks in EMS is the ideal partnership between two industry leaders.
  • Hutchinson Community College
    Limmer Education is the exclusive provider for NREMT prep materials for Hutchinson Community College.
    NMETC uses our apps for their high-quality distance education for students all over the globe.
  • Our ECG Challenge apps are products of 2 well known ECG experts and bloggers; Tom Bouthillet (EMS12lead.com and CodeSTEMI) and Dawn Altman (ECG Guru).
  • EMT PASS, AEMT PASS and Paramedic PASS are a partnership with William E Brown, former NREMT Executive Director.
  • UT Health, IRSC
  • Our popular 101 Last Minute Study Tips apps are a product of our partnership with EMS1.com.
  • CAE Ares
  • Distance CME
  • iSimulate
  • Pearson Education

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