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By Dan Limmer

I remember my early days in EMS. Idealistic days when I didn’t think patients would possibly lie because I was there to help. I was wrong. I encountered patients in situations and with conditions I couldn’t have even imagined in EMT class. The things they said–and expected me to believe–were even more outrageous.

Experience has taught me that people lie to protect themselves or another, or to cover something up. The recent opioid epidemic comes to mind as a big reason people will lie to you.

You shouldn’t expect everyone to lie—but it does happen. Here are the top ten reasons I believe people lie to EMTs and paramedics.

10. If they admit to seizures they may lose their driver’s license.

9. They don’t have health insurance.

8. They don’t want Mommy to know.

7. They are drunk.

6. They want to sue someone.

5. They haven’t been compliant with their medications.

4. They are in denial.

3. What they did was a crime.

2. They were the loser of the fight they started.

1. They are drug seekers.

Do you have any outrageous lies you’ve heard in EMS? We’d love to hear them too!

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