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EMT Review PlusAEMT Review  and Paramedic Review Plus at LC-Ready now have diagnostic scoring for all exams in the TEST module.  You will receive an overall score to determine whether you passed the test, but now you can drill in deeper to see where you need to study more.

Diagnostic scoringOur final exams are written in the style of the NREMT and contain representative questions across the breadth of knowledge required in each level to best prepare you for taking the actual exam.  Each question is tagged in one of the 5 topical sections of the NREMT:

  • Cardiology and Resuscitation
  • Airway Ventilation and Oxygenation
  • Medical Emergencies and OB
  • Trauma Emergencies
  • Operations

Since Pediatric questions make up 10%-15% of the NREMT we also break out your results on pediatric questions within our exams.

Once you have received the breakout of your test scoring be sure go to the STUDY and REVIEW sections of the app to study the areas in which you are weakest.

This functionality will be available in the iTunes and Google Play apps by late summer 2017.


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