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For us here at Limmer Education, it’s been a fun couple months planning brand new products for educators and providers. Our newest addition is not an app – it’s a good old fashioned set of printed posters for EMT, AEMT and paramedic classes. Mix and match one or all of them!

These big, glossy beauties are professionally printed and shipped. They feature our most popular flowcharts: 4 Steps for Guiding Principles of Patient Assessment, Oxygen Administration, Evaluating an NREMT Question, and Spinal Motion Restriction (SMR is a set of two).

Yes, your classroom walls probably need some pizzazz and these colorful, 18 x 24” posters are just the thing. But more importantly, they’re valuable teaching tools that you can point students to throughout the semester.

4 Steps for Guiding Principles of Patient Assessment Poster

guiding principals of patient assessment

You’ll use this poster from the beginning of the semester to the final week. These guiding principles teach students how to think about patient assessment rather than just memorizing a skill sheet. Put this poster on the wall of your classroom or lab and when a student struggles, pick out one of the principles and help the student align with it. BUY NOW

Oxygen Administration Poster

This poster teaches must-know concepts about oxygen administration – concepts that many providers still struggle with. This flowchart makes it easier to know how much oxygen to give to patients. It also reminds emergency care providers that not all respiratory patients need oxygen. BUY NOW

Evaluating an NREMT Question Poster

Teach this process to your class to help their NREMT pass rates. Scenario-based National Registry questions are often filled with clues. Our 4-step process teaches them to find the key details that determine what the best answer is. BUY NOW

Spinal Motion Restriction Poster

Spinal motion restriction continues to be a tough topic for many students and providers. This step-by-step approach to SMR is based on the latest research from the American College of Surgeons (ACS), the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) and the National Association of EMS Physicians (NAEMSP). Includes two posters: Assessment & Application. BUY NOW

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