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Everyone wants to know what’s on the NREMT. If you know anything about the National Registry – or have spent any amount of time Googling for NREMT exam questions – then you know there’s no definitive list of test questions you’re definitely going to get.

Last week we wrote about how the National Registry determines the type and depth of content to put on the exam. This week we want to talk about how you can build a very specific study plan around a not-so-specific list of test items.

Want Ready-Made Study Guides?

Below is an outline for preparing your own study plan for the exam. But if you want the benefit of ready-made study guides, check out our subscription site, EMTReview.com. Not only does it provide in-depth study guides for NREMT topics from resuscitation to musculoskeletal trauma to the pathophysiology of shock – it also provides a detailed week-by-week guide of when and how to use the study guides with the site’s other features (like practice tests and videos).

Study Guide Step 1: Broad Topics

We have to start with the obvious. The NREMT tests you on five topics. Plan your study sessions or break your study guide into these topics.

  • Airway, ventilation and respiration
  • Cardiology and resuscitation
  • Medical emergencies
  • Trauma emergencies
  • EMS operations

Divide the time between now and your test date into five sections. Ideally, you’ll have at least week to spend on each topic. Keep in mind, you might want a few extra days to study big subjects like trauma and medical, and probably don’t need quite as much time to review operations.

Study Guide Step 2: Remember Special Populations 

On the exam, special populations will be mixed into each of the above topics. Because of this, it’s helpful to study special populations alongside the major clinical topics. For example, if you’re studying CPR, review the guidelines for children and infants at the same time as the guidelines for adults. You’re more likely to recall the information that way (and less likely to leave special populations for last-minute prep or skip them completely).

If you’re looking for test prep products, choose ones that include a healthy amount of pediatric, geriatric, OB and neonatal content mixed into topical practice tests.

Study Guide Step 3: Use Your Textbook

Your textbook is probably the most valuable source of information you have, and it’s conveniently already divided into sections that match the five topics on the NREMT.

  • At the beginning or end of each chapter, there should be a “key concepts” section. Write those down and make sure you know them inside and out.
  • Review each chapter for vocabulary and formulas you’re unfamiliar with. Add each of these to your study guide.
  • Do all of the critical thinking exercises in your book, even if you already did them during class. Make sure you can answer each question without referencing previous work. Pay close attention to areas that you’re having a hard time with, and make sure these get a special section in your study guide.

Study Guide Step 4: Find Practice Questions That Dig Deep

Study guides are wonderful tools for reviewing knowledge and really learning the nooks and crannies of your curriculum, but to be fully prepared for the NREMT you also need to have experience with Registry-style test questions. This is where you find out if you’re stuck on memorization/regurgitation or if you really know how to apply your knowledge to real-world scenarios.

  • Study each topic for a couple of days, then take a diagnostic test to see how well you know that topic. Update each study guides to include the practice test questions you got wrong. Keep studying and keep taking practice exams to help apply your knowledge to NREMT scenarios.
  • Once you’re confident in a topic, take a simulated practice exam. This is a timed exam of 70-120 questions. A good simulated exam is a good gauge to determine if you’re ready for the real thing.

Get All of the Above and Much, Much More

Through a variety of interactive features, practice tests and study guides, subscription to EMTReview.com provides the best preparation available for the NREMT exam. Membership provides more dynamic, more in-depth, more affordable resources than any other NREMT subscription site!

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