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We got an email from a student yesterday asking for a refund on our Paramedic PASS app. He said some of our answers were wrong or inconsistent. He also bought the app two days before his NRP exam.

We always ask for examples, and the student referred to the following question and said, “Why would I give histamine blockers when epinephrine is a choice in anaphylaxis?”

paramedic pass question example

Around Limmer Education, we call May and January “crazy season” because people email us with frantic claims of wrong answers. Dan “talks people off the ledge” almost daily as they come to terms with the NREMT style question.

While we will never claim perfection, our apps have been out for a long time, are reliable, and written by some pretty knowledgeable people. In this case, the question was written by former NREMT executive director Bill Brown and reviewed by former NREMT exam coordinator Todd Vreeland and our resident Passologist, Dan Limmer.

We asked Dan to analyze this and provide a few tips to students getting ready to take the exam soon. This is what Dan said:

“This question is reasonable, and the best answer is the H1 and H2 blocking agent. I think what this student failed to identify is what is NOT in this question, namely signs of anaphylaxis. While I would undoubtedly monitor this patient carefully, his blood pressure and saturation aren’t screaming anaphylaxis. There are no indications of wheezing, stridor, or gastrointestinal symptoms. If you read carefully and think about it, the question doesn’t even state the patient is allergic to bee stings.”

The student’s comments underscore a few key points.

  1. Read the question carefully, but don’t read into it.
  2. Don’t jump to conclusions.
  3. Don’t rush.
  4. And get your Limmer Education products more than a couple of days before the exam.

We wish this student—and everyone heading to the testing center—the best in their exams. Limmer Education is always here to help.

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