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How to Use LC-Ready

Are you new to our LC-Ready.com platform or still learning all the new features we recently added?  We have added some new resources to help you get around and learn more about the platform.  You can view these online or download and print.

Live LC-Ready Demo

Want to talk to a real person or see new features and functions added to the educator dashboard since we published this post? You can contact us for a one-on-one demo with Dan Limmer himself. Or you can join a quick educator webinar. We have the webinars every month and you can register for the next one here.

LC-Ready Video Introduction

If you prefer to watch and learn on your own time, check out the LC-Ready video demo (last updated April 2021).

Introduction 0:00-1:00
Product Info 1:00-8:59
Educator Dashboard 9:00-13:45
Using Apps in Classroom 14:37-16:12
Creating Courses 16:29
Study Groups 17:25
Bulk Licenses 18:06
Badges 19:39
Audio Lectures 21:27

Still need some more help?  Please contact us at 207-482-0622 or via our contact form.

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