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By this point, you have organized all of your study materials. Notes are categorized, goals are set, snacks and coffee are handy…now you just need the right space! Sometimes finding the right study environment is easier said than done, and some space creation is involved. Below are our 8 tips to create a more productive and effective environment to prep for the upcoming tests.

Pick a Homebase

Home, library, coffee shop – any of these will do as long as you are able to focus. Choosing one specific place as your main study environment will help keep the routine specific. A consistent time and place will also help in mental preparation for hitting the books.

Don’t Ignore the Commute

Downtime sitting in your car, riding the subway, or waiting in line is all valuable time. Our Audio Apps keep your brain engaged with the material, even if it can’t be right in front of you. More on this in future posts…


Soft, ambient background music has been proven to help stimulate the brain, making it easier to concentrate. Avoid headphones and earbuds if possible – research also shows that the use of such isolating devices counteracts memory and retention.


Harsh, artificial lighting can create headaches. Natural and soft lighting is much more conducive to concentration, but of course, changes throughout the day. Pick or make a spot next to a window or a cozy lamp that you can switch on once it gets into twilight.

Keep It Neat

If your space is kept and tidy, so will your studying. Keep pens, notecards, post-it notes, etc organized and in easy reach to avoid wasting time scrounging and searching for materials.

Minimize Distractions

There is no way to eliminate every distraction, but there are some great tools to help keep our computers and devices concentrated on the work in front of us. Consider any one of these apps to help you stay on track.

Alone or With Friends

If possible, make a space that is yours, and yours alone – one free from roommates, kids, co-workers, or even pets. Being one with your material will go a long way in staying focused. With that said, creating a study group with other classmates can be equally beneficial. Study buddies will help keep you motivated and accountable while providing some variety to your routine.

Stay Positive

Tests, especially the National Registry, are designed to be difficult. Don’t get carried away with disappointment if you struggle with the material. Discouragement is the worst enemy of productivity. Keep your space positive with plants, encouraging quotes, pictures of people who inspire you. Reward yourself with accomplished goals or at the end of your study sessions.

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