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ECG QUESTION: 58 year old male resuscitated from cardiac arrest. Initial arrest rhythm was VF. What does the ROSC rhythm show? Should you activate the cardiac cath lab?

12- Lead Cath Lab Challenge

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HINT: It’s irregularly irregular with narrow complexes (which should give you the rhythm). Now what caused this cardiac arrest?

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This is a sample question from our STEMI Ready app. STEMI Ready helps both new and experienced medics more easily identify STEMI and prevent activation for mimics. Created by leading EMS ECG expert, lecturer and author Tom Bouthillet of EMS 12 Lead, STEMI Ready is the 12-Lead ECG Challenge app on steroids. 


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Yes! You should activate the cardiac cath lab. In fact, some argue that any patient resuscitated from VF should be sent to the lab regardless of what the 12-lead ECG shows. In this case we see atrial fibrillation with acute anterior STEMI. Cardiac cath showed 100% occlusion of the LAD. The patient was stented and therapeutic hypothermia was initiated.

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Did you get it right? What tipped you off or tripped you up? Let us know in the comments section.

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