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This is the time in an EMT class when things get a bit crazy. It happens every time. Any experienced educator knows this. A series of things converge to put stress at a maximum level right after Thanksgiving.

There is actually a predictable path for every EMT course. It goes like this:

Screenshot 2015-11-27 13.05.06

If you are a student at this predictable crunch point, take a breath, work hard and it will come together. If you are an educator, tighten your seatbelt and your lesson plans for a big push at the last minute. In 35 years of teaching through several EMT curricula, this crunch point always happens. While I am not sure it is planned to do so, it certainly lights the fire under all of us to work hard and finish strong. Somehow we always get through. Good luck for a string finish to your course. Don’t forget Limmer Education apps to study for your class final and the NREMT!

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