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With many EMS programs having to suddenly switch to distance education, audio resources can be a valuable supplement for the new teaching format. We know this is only a piece of the puzzle, but we believe it can help provide trusted, relevant, and insightful content to your students immediately.

Getting the Most Out of Audio Resources

The way you use the audio is also important. You can simply assign the subject lectures as one part of your online learning program. We recommend a more active integration. Many educators want to be sure students are getting the information—and applying it meaningfully. Here is how we believe you can do that:

  • Post a discussion board question for every audio. Vary the questions occasionally. For example, in one discussion, you may choose to have students list the three most important things they learned from a particular audio. Then facilitate a discussion on the student’s points—which will all be a little different.
  • Put up a case presentation in your discussion board and ask students to relate the audio content to that presentation. For example, in the respiratory section, you may post a child patient with asthma who has no wheezing who appears tired. Students should get a lack of wheezing as a bad thing (when combined with a tired or lethargic appearance). Your facilitation brings home a great lecture equivalent on asthma.
  • Assign each student to create and share an outline of a different lecture. At the end of your online class, students have a ready-made study guide.

Audio Lectures for EMS

We’ve received many positive comments from educators about our audio lectures generally, how they’re using them during this transition, and beyond. Here is a bit more information on our audio products. (You can listen to samples here.)

EMT Review Audio Lecture Series

  • There are 33 lectures in the series covering main topics and concepts in the EMT scope.
  • The audios range from 15 – 30 minutes each. Digestible and convenient for easy listening.
  • The lectures are conversational between Dan Limmer and Dan Batsie and not dry reading of the material.
  • Each lecture begins with a case study and is followed by assessment, pathophysiology, and patient management. It closes with “last words” to highlight relevant content.
  • The audios were recorded in a studio, professionally mastered, and minimal size for streaming download.
  • Go to EMT Review Audio Lecture Series

AEMT Review Audio Lectures 

  • AEMT audios consist of 8 lectures focusing strictly on AEMT topics.
  • Lectures are approximately 30 – 45 minutes in length.
  • Audio segments include decision making and leadership, goal-directed patient assessment, medication administration, airway management, resuscitation, and more.
  • Go to AEMT Review Audio Lecture Series

EMT Review Pathophysiology Audios 

These are recorded by Dan Limmer and Joe Mistovich and are appropriate for EMTs, AEMTs, and anyone about to start an ALS education program. Five segments cover almost 5 hours of respiration and ventilation, perfusion, why learning the cellular level is essential, and more. Go to EMT Review Pathophysiology Audio Lecture Series.

If you have questions about our products, please email us.  We would also love to hear your stories of how you are adapting to this rapidly changing environment.

Stay safe and healthy.

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