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In partnership with EMS1, we produce short quizzes on a variety of NREMT subjects and current hot topics in EMS. Explore the following quizzes and test your knowledge!

CPR | For Educators | Medical Emergencies | Med TermPathophys | Pediatrics | Pharmacology | Trauma | More

General EMS Quiz

⇾ EMT Curriculum Nooks & Crannies
Test your knowledge of infrequently used or applied EMT knowledge that you may have learned in school.

Anatomy Quiz

⇾ Test your knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology
Show off your knowledge of anatomy and physiology basics and terms of direction you learned in EMT training.

CPR Quiz

⇾ AHA CPR Guidelines: Test your knowledge of the 2015 updates to BLS
Show off your mastery of CPR with this 10-question quiz of what every EMT should know about basic life support.

EMS Educators Quiz

⇾ How to best teach EMS students: Test your knowledge
Teaching EMTs and paramedics to perform in the cognitive, kinesthetic and affective domains requires intentional use of EMS-specific education methodology.

Medical Emergency Quizzes

⇾ Test your EMS knowledge: Odd patient presentations and complaints
How much do you know about some of the relevant and irrelevant medical conditions patients are prone to disclose?

⇾ Test your knowledge of cardiac emergencies
Show off your understanding of the signs and symptoms of cardiac emergencies with this 10-question quiz.

Medical Terminology Quiz

⇾ Test your knowledge of medical terminology
Show off the strength of your medical vocabulary with this 10-question quiz of medical terms every EMT should know.

Pathophysiology Quiz

⇾ Test your knowledge of shock pathophysiology
Prove your understanding of the predictable signs and symptoms of shock with this quiz for EMTs and paramedics.

Pediatrics Quizzes

⇾ How well do you know pediatrics?
Test your knowledge of neonatal resuscitation and pediatric patient care with this quiz.

⇾ The critical pediatric patient: Test your knowledge
How did you do? Make sure to share your results and challenge your EMS colleagues to match or beat your score

Pharmacology Quizzes

⇾ How well do you know your patient’s medications?
Test your knowledge of the highest-selling and most commonly prescribed to patients with chronic illness and disease.

⇾ Narcotics overdose: Test your knowledge
Show off your expertise at assessing and treating narcotics overdose.

Trauma Emergency Quizzes

⇾ Trauma assessment and treatment quiz: Test your knowledge
Show off your trauma knowledge with this quiz about trauma patient assessment and treatment.

⇾ How accurately can you triage 10 MCI patients?
Test your ability to apply the START algorithm to a collection of simulated MCI patients.

 Prehospital trauma quiz: Test your knowledge
Show off your trauma patient mastery with this 10-question quiz about trauma patient assessment and treatment.

Want More? Test or Refresh Your EMS Knowledge.

Limmer Education has a wide variety of apps for all different stages of your career or education in EMS. Most apps are available on the App Store, Google Play and via the web on our LC-Ready platform.

Review Apps (EMT Review Plus, AEMT Review, Paramedic Review Plus)
No matter what level you’re at, the Review apps make it easy to study specific topics. Study cards and review questions are broken up by subject so you can choose what to concentrate on. There’s also a diagnostic breakdown that tells you what subjects you’re strongest and weakest in.

⇾ EMT Review Plus

⇾ AEMT Review

⇾ Paramedic Review Plus

Topical Review/Refresher Apps
Designed to enhance your professional development, these apps include AHA-style practice exams, sharpen your technical skills, and ensure you’re ready for the test and for the job.

⇾ Medical Terminology Review

⇾ Pathophysiology Review

⇾ PALS Review

⇾ Paramedic Pharmacology Review 

⇾ See all products

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