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Audio Apps for NREMT Prep (and Better Class Performance)

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Audios are great for EMS students who…

  • Are tired of reading the book and study guides and just want a break.
  • Have missed a lot of class and need a way to catch up on important lectures.
  • Learn better through listening than reading.
  • Love podcasts.
  • Find themselves too busy to study as much as they should.

To get the most out of audio learning programs, take notes during the audio just like you would in class. If you take good notes for each audio, you’ll have ready-made study guides to help you prepare for your class exams and the NREMT!

Or, if you listen while doing something else, take a few minutes when you get a chance to write a summary of what you learned. Often, we listen to lectures or podcasts and think we’ve absorbed the information, only to have a hard time recalling specifics later on. Challenge yourself to summarize each audio as a good way to test how much information you retained.

Free Audio Samples for EMT Prep / AEMT Prep

There are three apps: EMT audio app, AEMT audio app and a pathophysiology audio app. Each app contains multiple sections, which are different conversations covering the main topics of the curriculum.

The “lectures” are made for easy listening. Each topic is a conversation between EMS authors and educators Dan Limmer and Dan Batsie. They don’t read from scripts and they will keep you awake!

If you purchase a full series, you can listen from a computer, tablet or phone. The audios stream directly from LC-Ready (either on the web or through the free LC-Ready app).

EMT Audio Lecture Series

Purchase EMT Audio App
  • There are 33 lectures in the series covering main topics and concepts in the EMT scope.
  • The audios range from 15 – 30 minutes each. Digestible and convenient for easy listening.
  • The lectures are conversational between Dan Limmer and Dan Batsie and not dry reading of the material.
  • Each lecture begins with a case study and is followed by assessment, pathophysiology, and patient management. It closes with “last words” to highlight relevant content.
  • The audios were recorded in a studio, professionally mastered, and minimal size for streaming download.

AEMT Audio Lecture Series

Purchase AEMT Audio App
  • AEMT audios consist of 8 lectures focusing strictly on AEMT topics.
  • Lectures are approximately 30 – 45 minutes in length.
  • Audio segments include decision making and leadership, goal-directed patient assessment, medication administration, airway management, resuscitation, and more.

EMT Pathophysiology Audio Series

Purchase Pathophysiology Audio

These are recorded by Dan Limmer and Joe Mistovich and are appropriate for EMTs, AEMTs, and anyone about to start an ALS education program. Five segments cover almost 5 hours of respiration and ventilation, perfusion, why learning the cellular level is essential, and more. Go to EMT Review Pathophysiology Audio Lecture Series.

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