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Note: All are updated regularly to keep up with AHA guidelines, new research and changing best practices. Rest assured that no matter when you purchase one of our products, you’re getting to the latest and best content.

We know that when an app updates you rarely see the notes where the developer tells you what is new. Even if you see it, you read “bug fixes,” and the rest is blah, blah, blah.

We’d like to explain two new features we’re rolling out in all of our standalone iTunes and Google Play apps this month.

1) We can now update any app instantly without you having to download a new version.

Here’s an example: The American Heart Association put out some guidelines about ventilating patients without an advanced airway. Dan evaluates these recommendations, makes a few new study cards or multiple choice questions, and enters them into the system. Then, Boom! He uploads them, and the next time you open the app, it gets a message from the server that there is new content. It downloads. Your app is up to date. No waiting for version 3.4.2 and no wondering whether your apps are the most up-to-date on the market.

We’ve always kept up to date. Our apps have spinal motion restriction, opiate overdose, and 2015/2017 AHA guidelines updates. But now it is even easier for us to add content whenever necessary—or whenever Dan has an idea for a great question or study card. He’s known to add them after a conference session or during a long layover at an airport.

2) Create an account in your app, and it automatically creates an account for you at the website LC-Ready.

Why is this important? Using your email address and password, you can access your content on any device and your history will sync no matter where you study. Let’s say you are in the station and you are taking a test, but you get a call and can’t finish. When you get home, you can log onto LC-Ready.com on your computer (more comfortable on the eyes!) and where you stopped will have been saved, and you can start back up again.

If you already own an app from the app store, be sure to download new versions and take advantage of these new updates!

We’ve always felt that our content is superior for both the depth of coverage as well as the educational vision used to build our products. And now we’re proud to announce this technology that makes our educational mission even easier.

Have a suggestion for any of apps? Let us know!

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