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Practice questions and NREMT tips for all levels

This webinar has passed. We had a huge response, exceeding the 2,000 spots available in the webinar. Since so many of you weren’t even able to sign up for the event, we’re making the full recording available to the public only through May. An abbreviated version will be available after May.

Nobody’s NREMT is canceled. Delayed, probably. But the NREMT is still a reality for every student. And that means NREMT prep still needs to be high on every student’s priority list.

This is especially true for EMS students whose classes are on hold right now. You can lose knowledge quickly if you’re not staying on top of studying and test prep.

This NREMT study session is a good experience for EMS students and educators at all levels (EMT, AEMT, paramedic). Get a jump start on exam prep, learn important test-taking tips just for the NREMT, and get an expert’s guidance on how to pass the cognitive exam.

UPDATE: The video above is just a short preview of a live event. You can purchase an in-depth, one-hour, streaming NREMT Review video where Dan reviews 9 NREMT style questions (one from each section of the exam), PLUS samples of the new technology-enhanced items (TEIs) you will now see on the exam, PLUS 2 bonus questions. Purchase video review.

About the NREMT Review Session

The study session is led by Dan Limmer. Dan has been in EMS for over 35 years, is a nationally-recognized speaker and educator, and wrote the Emergency Care textbook (that’s the yellow one). He’s collaborated with Bill Brown, the NREMT’s former executive director, and Todd Vreeland, former exam coordinator for the NREMT. All that EMS and NREMT brainpower has gone into Limmer Education’s lineup of NREMT prep apps. The apps have helped thousands of EMT, AEMT and paramedic students pass the National Registry.

And we’re going to deliver as much of all that expertise as we can in an hour! Dan only leads one or two public study groups a year, so don’t miss this one. Here’s what you can expect:

  • A detailed review of NREMT-style exam questions and answers.
  • Test-taking strategies designed specifically for the NREMT.
  • Tips for better studying and overcoming test anxiety.
  • Tips for staying focused and continuing to learn while you wait for class and life to go back to normal.

Even if you don’t have a test date, and even if your classes are paused because of coronavirus, you should attend. It’s never “too soon” to prep for the NREMT.

How to Study for the NREMT

1. Study the Facts

The NREMT exam is made of five major sections. You’ll need to be well-versed in all of these:

  • Airway, respiration and ventilation
  • Trauma
  • Cardiology and resuscitation
  • Medical emergencies, including OB
  • EMS operations

That’s a lot of information to study. The mistake a lot of students make is thinking that “all studying is good studying.” While there’s some truth to that, it’s important to understand that memorizing facts is only the beginning of NREMT prep. If you spend all your time memorizing facts, you won’t be fully prepared for the exam.

2. Practice Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is what allows you to make well-informed decisions about patient care, even in the toughest situations. It’s a hard thing to teach, and it isn’t taught in every classroom. The NREMT is going to test your critical thinking. Often, the questions that feel like they’re “tricking” you are testing your critical thinking.

During the review, we’ll look at practice NREMT questions that challenge critical thinking ability, and talk about how to evaluate questions with complex scenarios.

3. Understand NREMT Question Structure

Students must be able to correctly analyze NREMT test questions. Critical thinking will help a lot here. Many students go into the NREMT without having ever taken another test like it.

It requires a certain amount of “reading between the lines” – which isn’t as impossible as it sounds. You just have to know how to pick out pieces of information that are important but not explicitly stated in the question stem. Little clues will tell you about the patient’s mental status or criticality, and will help you make a more informed decision when selecting your final answer.

In this study session, we’ll show you how to find and interpret those clues. We’ll also go over some test-taking tips that can help you select the best answer even when you don’t actually know the answer!

Remember: The time to start studying is always now. If you’d like to learn how to pass the NREMT written exam, mark your calendar and join the review session on April 30!

NREMT Test Question Example

Here’s a clip from last year’s study session, where we examine an exam question about spinal motion restriction. Audience members also have the option to type in questions throughout the webinar.

UPDATE: The videos here are just snippets of live events we did in the past. You can purchase an in-depth, one-hour, streaming NREMT Review video where Dan reviews 11 NREMT-style questions, PLUS samples of the new TEI questions (which the NREMT added to the exam in 2020). Purchase video review.

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  • Robert Norman says:

    Your review webinar is full. Will you do another?

    • Stephanie Limmer says:

      Hi Robert. We have reached our 1000 person limit for the NREMT Review session. Because there are so many people who have been shut out we will make the video recording available 24 hours after the session. You will be able to find the link on our FB or Youtube channels and here at the Limmer Education website.

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