About the App

Looking for more ways to sharpen your ECG interpretation skills?

We’ve got the right ECG study tool for you. Created by Dawn Altman, nurse, paramedic and the “ECG Guru,” our ECG Challenge app gives you the extra practice, insights and confidence, to up your interpretation skills in the classroom and in the field when dealing with patients who could be experiencing cardiac emergencies.
You’ll challenge yourself on a wide range of rhythms, including atrial and ventricular rhythms and blocks, as well as bradycardia, tachycardia and normal rhythms.
The mobile and web-based Limmer ECG Challenge app is ideal for paramedics, nurses, med students and physicians who want to practice this vital skill and decrease their risk of misinterpreting a heart rhythm.


Highlights of the ECG Challenge app
  • Practice on the go—between clinicals or rounds, and before or after class.
  • Review 150 clinically obtained, field and hospital ECGs.
  • Explore strips that are presented with real patient complaints scenarios.
  • Expand and move ECGs for easy viewing on smart phones and tablets as well as on your computer.
  • Receive detailed rationale answers that include the diagnosis
  • Choose 5, 10 or 20 strips at a time; exclude strips you’ve already mastered.

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