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You know how it works. The NREMT is a pass or fail exam. It’s not about getting 100% of the questions correct; it’s about proving you know the material. The Limmer EMT PASS app is the critical study tool you need to do just that.

The mobile and web-based EMT PASS app is the result of a collaboration with Bill Brown, the former Executive Director of the NREMT. It will change how you prep for your certification exam and increase the chance you’ll pass the NREMT the first time. Our EMT PASS Predictive Scoring™ process can predict if you will pass (or not), based on how well you do on the practice exams.

The questions are hard. Bill created them to be slightly more challenging than the NREMT. If our program gave you a false sense of being fully prepared, would that be fair to you? We don’t think we’d be getting you where you need to be. It will take time, but since you will be trusted with people’s lives once you pass, it will be time and effort well spent.

Not only will EMT PASS help you pass the NREMT, but you’ll also get the insight you need to become a better care giver.

Highlights of the EMT PASS app

The app has three sections, with a total of eight exams and 960 questions. Each practice exam, written in the format you’ll see on the NREMT, contains 120 questions. The first two sections cover the core content of the National EMS Education Standards for the EMT. Plus, you get detailed, written and audio de-briefings (also called rationales) explaining the questions and the possible answer choices.

  • Section 1:  Medical emergencies, resuscitation, shock and job responsibilities. It also includes content from the AHA 2015 CPR Guidelines.
  • Section 2: Trauma, special populations and job responsibilities.
  • Section 3: Test your knowledge of the entire EMT curriculum in two simulated NREMT practice exams.

Also unique to this app is the chance to hear Bill. Throughout the EMT PASS app, he’ll give you tips and tricks for studying for the NREMT and describe what you can expect on the actual test both in writing and via audio.

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